Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick - or -Treat

This year sure was unusual for the Johnson & the Lomas bunch! We of course headed to Wheatland to my brother & sister-in-law's home (Jake & Shannon) for our yearly Halloween pot-luck dinner & tick-or-treating!! But we WERE MISSING MORE THAN A FEW FAMILY MEMBERS!! First off my dear husband came home with the strangest issue. When he arrived home...he had a strange gaze in his eyes and a painful look about him! They had WORKED TREMENDOUSLY hard all day to finish a job...needless to say that day he had HEAT STROKE (at least that's what we thonk he had) He headed straight for the couch...which is where he stayed for the remainder of the night, shivering, DiZy, and full of pain!! We had to celebrate Halloween without Jess! Thankfully his mother was at the house with the boys & I when he came home! So here is our evening Minus Jess, Rhonda (Shannon's mom) and My Mom!

Here is my little guy passed out. Ahhh, TUCKERED OUT FROM A FUN NIGHT OF TRICK-OR-TREATING, you say!! NOPE this was his state at arrival!!

A little better... a little more Awake!


Group Shot

Little Superman slept the entire night away!

The cutest little man of the evening! Baby Brayden looking soo cute as a little Bear

Jake and I and our little Spider Men

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