Sunday, March 28, 2010

VERY important people

I guess it's not just me who realizes how special my little man is! Drew was appointed VIP of the day at Pre-school on Friday!! He was extremely proud of himself, and so was his mama! He seriously is just the BEST! I love this little guy so much!

Here he is as I picked him up! VIP sticker, smile ear to ear, and spiderman lunch pail in hand!

But he is not the only VIP around here! My other guys are equally important to me!

Our sweet little Trent turned 10 months yesterday!

Trent's new thing is waving! He's quite the attention getter really! Walking through the stores, standing in line, everywhere we go he gives folks a great wave! It's pretty adorable!

And that smile comes with a mouth full of teeth! He now has 4 up top and just the two on bottom! He's ohhh so close to walking! I bet he beats Drew and walks sooner that he did! Drew didn't walk until the day after he turned one!

We shall see!! I'm sure you'll hear about it!

Happy 10 months little darling! And YAY to Drew, mama's little VIP!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Year

One year ago this adorable little one was born!

My sweet nephew Brayden's Cowboy themed {imagine that} 1st Birthday was a HIT!

Shannon did a great job, as usual throwing a great party! The weather was nice, food was yummy, the ALL of the people there made it a great time!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy I LOVE you!

It's been quite a year...I thank God EVERY DAY FOR HIM AND HIS BROTHER LOGAN!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Cows...

come from California!

Today we had our yearly Spring Branding in the beautiful Hills, outside of Williams. It was Trent's first ever. Looks like happy Cowboy's come from California too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday evening I went to Home Depot for some flowers! Taking full advantage of this beautiful weather I started planting the second I got home! It became a family event & I found myself with 3 helpers!! I finished as it was getting dark....
So first thing this morning I headed to the front yard to see how our job turned out! WELL MY JOB! My helpers weren't so helpful! Drew tied me to the tree, Jess visited to all the neighbors, and Trent aka clinger kept a firm grasp of me making moving around my planter a tad difficult!

Here's how it turned out!

I just love this time of year!

And I Love My girlfriends!!

Today we had a lunch date, followed by some shopping!

Here we all are...wearing our Flowers!! Trew Luv flowers that is! Found HERE!

Isn't baby Georgie the most beautiful little girl?!?! I sure think so!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jake Lomas Memorial

So a few of my Brother Jake's Best Friends are hosting a Roping in his memory!
100% of the proceeds are going into his Son's Brayden & Logan's Trust funds!
This event is all I can focus on right now...I'm so looking forward to it! It is going to be an awesome day, filled with so many amazing generous people!
Sunday, May 23rd, Lincoln, CA

It is going to be an awesome event filled with his long time friends, all in which I can't wait to see!
It's amazing how many lives he touched!
Not many people who pass get an event in their honor!
Goes to show how Amazing Jake was!
Even if you aren't should mark your calenders!!
There will be a silent auction, to give the women an opportunity to shop, music and food :)
If you know of anyone who might be interested or have something fabulous to donate, please let me know! I'd like to give a Huge Thank You to all of my friends who already have!!

Come one come all

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Thank God...

That a few years ago my DEAR FRIEND Jessica Cubbler (whom we had the most lovely dinner with last night at their lovely home) invited Jess and I to accompany her to the Church her parents attended! It was shortly after we moved to Yuba City from Lincoln, while I was still pregnant with Drew! We left our beloved little Church in Lincoln, and were looking for something in Yuba City!

Because of that invite...we have found it! It is a wonderful church in which we JUST NOW became offical members of! Today my Darling husband, along with my Very Darling Sister-in-Law Shannon, and her sister and Brother in Law stood before the entire Church and were welcomed in the most lovely little New Member welcoming ceremony by Pastor Gary Moore! AS we were standing up there all of the sudden it hit me that I was standing in the very same spot that Jake's was in During his Funeral! It had me overwhelmed with emotion....wishing SOOO BADLY he was there with us! I was trying VERY hard to fight back the tears...and I did pretty good! It made it extremely hard as I held Shannon's sweet little hand watching her tears stream down her face! I wish I could take her hurt away! I can't express how badly we miss him! But it was a Lovely I'm very thankful for!

We all had Lunch together, then Jess & the boys headed to his parents house for out early St. Patty's Day CORNED BEEF & CABBAGE!! Yummmmmmy! My mother-in-law is THE BEST COOK!! And that is one of my favorite dishes she makes....I wait ALL year for it! I'm very thankful for my Precious In-Law's they are the best!

My boy's and their cousin Wes

I had quite a Fabulous Day, full of FUN...and am Feeling Very Blessed Today!

I'd feel a LOT MORE BLESSED if I had my mother & sister here too. Wink Wink MOM!!

Life Is Good...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adevntures of the MAN-e-VAN

Well we have arrived home safe and sound! And believe it or not it went rather well! The trip went fantastic! We took MANY pictures along the way...did lots of chatting and ate lots of junk!!

It took us 22 hours to get to Texas...we stayed for 48 hours then were off on another 22 hour adventure home!! The Anniversary party turned out BEAUTIFUL!! About 150 friends and family of my grandparents attended from ALL OVER!! We met so many sweet people!!

(meet MR. MAN-E-VAN)

We stoped at an Indian Reservation in Arizona!

At the 50th Anniversary Party!

Then off To California! (Home of the Happy Cow's Drew says)
A Shot looking back at my Grandparents Ranch...22 hours of driving ahead of us!

And lastly this is a picture of Jess Job Site!! Those are Dirt movers off to the right buried in mud!! PLEASE PLEASE STOP RAINING!! It's hard to move dirt when it SOLID MUD!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ready or Not

Here we go!!

Jess is packing the bags in the RENTED mini van!! I hate mini vans...but it's going to pretty for this trip I'm liking it!! In just a few we are off to Texas.

Shannon & her boys + Us & our boys = One Wild Ride

Poor Jess the only for this trip our ride is called the
{seems fitting since he will be our shofer}

Wish us luck!!

Amarillo By Mornin'...or afternoon..we shall see!!

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