Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It happened again! Another Surprise Party went smooth as silk! I again am proud I was able to keep it cool, and under wraps! Thought this one was a dandy to keep from my mom! Talking to her everyday, while trying to keep flight arrangements, details, RSVPs was nearly impossible! I get so nervous, I'd just rather avoid someone if I am hiding something!  Her 50th Birthday was this weekend, so we threw her a surprise Dinner Party which was a blast!  The hardest part was having her get here, for her birthday... she probably thought we were rude to not come to her! Party throwing is Hard Work... But Someones gotta Do it!!

Her Party was fabulous! I was Proud Jess was able to make it with the storms last weekend! We weren't sure with a blizzard in Eastern Nevada!

Mother, Sister Jennifer, Sister-in-law Shannon and Me

 Her Very Best Life Long Friend Kristi, in from Texas!!

 Seriously OVER this Brown Hair! Charity I'm Coming!!!
 A Little Gag Gifting Going on!
Grandma and her Boys!!

Not only am I proud she was surprised and had a great time!
I'm most importantly  Proud that she is my mother!
  Honestly she is the most beautiful, Strong, Fabulous Lady I know! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Lesson

 Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I confirm that, and know first hand that this saying is so true! This last month has been brutal, and by now I'm about as Fond for him as it can GET.... and am at this point ready for him to GET his behind HOME! Especially when  Valentines Day rolled around! Spending Valentines Day without my honey was the Pitts!!  I miss Jess so much I can hardly stand it! Coming home every other weekend is beginning to get the best of me! Poo on Working out of Town! It stinks, and if I sound sour, or cranky, I'm sorry BUT I AM! There is no denying it... I am Bitter,  and Sleep Deprived, and worn Ragged!

On a Brighter Note ( I'll stop being Debbie Downer) I did have these Adorable little Muffins as Valentines Dates, and Jess was stuck in a Hotel Room in Nevada ALONE  ((SO HE SAYS)) hahahah kidding! Drew wanted to go out to Pizza, so we did, even though I dislike pizza  :)

Drew's School always throws the most marvelous little Shin Digs for every holiday! Here were his Valentine Cards he passed out to the kiddies in his class! Aren't they the cutest?

The King of Hearts... so he tells me

My little Cuddle Bug
As precious as they are, I'm awful stingy and wanted just one more handsome Johnson boy in the mix yesterday! We can't even have a Late V-Day Date this weekend when he comes home, because we will have company before he even arrives! My mothers birthday is this weekend and I'm busy planning a special something for her!  Good thing Jess loves my mother as much as I do, and our weekend will be all about HER! 
Me & My Love

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Training Boys

  I've been Capturing little Steps for both  Drew & Trent as they are becoming big boys right before my eyes!

Drew has learned to ride his bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS!!

Drew had been talking about having his training wheels taken off for about a week while Jess was gone so when he came home, Daddy did just that! While at Wes' party this last weekend Drew took off like a bullet!! He did Perfect, with a little help and guidance from Jess & the big boys at his little cousins party!

HE was so pumped he needed to go on the bike trail at the park the next day... So Sunday after Church and before the Football Game we snuck in some Park time! He is Proud as Punch, I can't believe how big he is getting!  

And Speaking of BIG look who is POTTY TRAINING!!!!
Little Trentie Poo... emphasis on the Poo ;)
He tares off his diaper every time he needs to go potty and sometimes (ALL THE TIME) doesn't quite make it! That's his doing on the entire nakedness too! YUCK!

AS you can see here I really need to be training Trent to have better manners! He's so into telling EVERYONE NO!  Please pardon my voice!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just In...

 for the weekend, and now he's gone again!

Jess' work has had him away, and we hate it! This last stent was for two miserable weeks... It was the longest we have EVER been away from one another since we started dating! It's been extremely rough on the little guys! But we got him for a couple of days this weekend, and we filled it with fun! He was exhausted, but there is no time for rest on on the weekends around this household.... WE'RE ALWAYS ON THE GO! Plus I had a honey Do list a mile long, full of two weeks worth of Manly Must Do around this place! Poor Jess!

So fun we had with him while he was home!
Fun on the Farm...
Our Little nephew Wes Turned Two, and his John Deere Tractor Party was extremely fitting for the lil farmer!

We packed in as much family fun as possible, EVEN though it was Super Bowl Sunday Jess devoted his day to us! We watched the game at home, and had no company or didn't attend a party... Jess' lamest Super Bowl Sunday of his life, I'm Sure! The weather was Dreamy here in California, and it was just what he needed! It's been -12 (that's tight... 12 BELOW) in Nevada where he is working! POOR POOR Jess!
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