Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!!

This Morning we woke up and carved a pumpkin! Drew said it was a nasty job! He also wondered what that smell needless to say I carved a pumpkin!! It's pretty sad looking...I hadn't carved a pumpkin in ohhhh, something like 13 years or so!!

We can't wait to go Tick-Or-Treating tonight @ Jake & Shannon's! Drew should do great, he had lots of practice last night at the Church Harvest Festival! We had a great time....but ate WAY to much Junk!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Late last night we (Drew, Trent & I) arrived back home from an awesome vacation to Oklahoma!! We were able to go to my moms house for a week!! Ohhhh it felt so good to spend time with mom and Jennifer! I miss them more than anything in the world! We did miss Jess a bunch wile we were gone though!! He had to stay home and work...he's such a great guy!! We left last Wed. and were in OK. for a couple of days..had a Great CAbi show...then drove to Grandma & Grandads! The new addition to their home was absolutely amazing!! I can't wait to see it FULL with the ENTIRE FAMILY!!!!! We had a's new home was more gorgeous than I could have ever come it is that now she's an EMPTY NESTER she has the most marvelous house ever!! It was a great trip & I can't wait to go back!!
Jennifer at work at Colby's Grill!! Shes pretty much the cutest thing that ever hit Edmond OK!
Jennifer's new apartment!! SUPER CUTE!! One of the highlights of my trip was helping her decorate it! Just going and shopping with her in her new car was just what I needed!! I love that girl so much!!

Traveling in the back seat to Texas! A 5 hour trip!

This might just be the cutest picture EVER of little Trent & Grandma! I LOVE THIS!

The Boys
at the creek
in mom's
back yard!

So there you have it!! A little run down of our trip! Like I said I can't wait to go back!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

family fun day

Yesterday we woke up extra early and headed to the in-laws house to move some cattle! Lately I have just been staying home with the baby when Jess & Drew go...but I was in the mood for a little family fun!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feeling A little Crafty

Today I decided to get a bit creative! I have been looking for a new headboard since January when we moved in! All being around $1,000 & FAR OUT of my budget, I decided to do it on my own! A few days ago I found a huge mirror in a frame at an antique shop for $129.00. It has been on my mind ever since seeing it! I tried to call the shop the other day and ask the man if he'd take 50 for it....a huge mark down...but I figured what did I have to loose! He never answered the phone:(

Because of this nasty wet weather with yesterdays storm, Jess has been able to stay home! I decided to head to that shop and do some haggling. Drew & I walked in & I asked how much he wanted that mirror for. He asked how much I'd give for it & I SAID FIRMLY $20 (hoping we could do $50, when it was all said and done) SURPRISINGLY HE SAID IT'S YOURS DARLIN!! AWESOME!!!! I made a few more stops for all the goods...AND HERE SHE IS!!

Isn't She a Beauty?!?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just had to

In todays news there was a story regarding health care. It was a story of a Colorado family who was denied health insurance for their 4 month old son. The baby boy was 17 lbs....the insurance company considered that OBESE. With Obesity being a pre-existing condition the baby was denied health insurance! WELL THANK GOODNESS we aren't trying to enroll in new health insurance, because at the Dr. yesterday Trent weighed 18 lbs!! SUPER OBESE I guess :) I had to show off his chunky booty here. I love every single ounce of him! I have never seen such beautiful rolls!
By the way we had to take the baby to the Dr. because he was looking pretty pitiful:( Night before last was a long one.. he was just plain uncomfortable. I knew his throat had to be hurting because every time he tried to drink he let out a horrible cry! I heard that was one of the first signs of H1N1. Sure enough we caught it at the early stage of the flu...we did have to go to the hospital to have the H1N1 test (which was AWFUL to do on a infant). We get the results back in a couple of days!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3 in the A.M.

Last nigh at 3:00 I woke up to the baby monitor. Trent was crying in his crib. As I walked down the hall, I noticed Drew's bedroom light was on?!? This is what I found! He had got out of bed and into his sleeping bag!! Too cute!

Another trip Bishops

Mimi & her Grand kids
Me and my darlings

I can't believe how big he is getting

cute little cousins

Mama's Little Punkin Another Awesome time at the pumpkin patch with Mimi, Sallie, Wess & the Boys!
We had a great time! Except Drew was a bit of a pill! He now has a 102 I will make excuses for him...HE IS NOT WELL!! To the Dr. we will go in the morning!! I hope the little ones don't get sick!

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