Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet Love

Thank you once again to Pinterest! This time for the idea of this years Valentines Day Cards for Drews Kindergarten Class!! They were a hit, and  by far the cutest!

The Boys in their Valentines pictures... looking super sweet in their Sweet surroundings!
 Little Trent 2
 Drew 5

Trent went missing for a few minutes after bath time!! After searching around this is where I found him!

An Instagram shot of Mr. Sweet Cheeks out feeding  Sweet Pea the Pony in mama's rain boots!
I could just eat him up!!

Mr. Johnson & I are Celebrating this Friday! Drew Said that I was all 3 of the Johnson Boys Valentine, so we needed to have a family date! Our Fancy  Meal  at HOME followed by Cake was fabulous! Being with our precious boys was exactly where Jess and I needed to be on Valentines! Can't Wait for a Date with my Hunky Guy though!  I'm a pretty lucky gal to have 3 extremely handsome Valentines!!


Hope Everyone had a Lovely Valentines Day!
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