Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Best Man...

It seems as if I'm not the only person who finds my Handsome Husband completely and utterly Fantastic! He was recently the Best man in one of his best buddy Jared's Wedding! This was his 3rd time holding the title BEST MAN. On top of that he's been in countless weddings... he really is the BEST, and It's not just me who thinks so! His awesome character, kindness, loyalty, and easy goingness have him LOVED by many!

OK I'm sounding a little biast... But Truly he is fantastic!

As was Jared & Betsey's Country Wedding!

They make the most darling couple. She was one of my first friends as I entered life with Jess! They are all from another town where I knew few people when Jess and I started dating. I quickly had Betsey tagged as one of my favorites! So when her and Jarred started Dating for the second time around we were ecstatic.. Jarred and Betsey dated for years... then took a little break in college & then reunited...

It was filled with COUNTRY GOODNESS !

Not only is Betsy Darling... she came up with the most darling touches to make her wedding SO HER! It was one of the cutest wedding I'd ever been to!

I've NEVER seen Burlap look so good!

~They Served Pie instead of cake... Delicious pie at that!
~Guests sat on hay bales during the ceremony.
~It was located on the family ranch under the big blue sky.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beach Boys

On our recent trip to the Ocean the Boys Had a Blast! I on the other hand was a complete wreck! I'm a pretty good swimmer... BUT will be honest in saying the OCEAN and it's enormousness scare the heck out of me! I am sooo much a flat land kink of girl! Those waves come and the tides are just a bit too much for me to be comfortable around! Sure sitting back and watching the beauty of it and the soothing sounds it fantastic! BUT this was my first time to the ocean with my baby's AND I wasn't about to let them get swept away!!!! I'm pretty sure I spoiled their fun by calling them back ever second and demanding them to stay by my side!! NOT only was I afraid of the water taking them away.... The large fin of a something HUGE was lurking just a ways out!! Shannon and my mother were amazed while watching "dolphins" so they say!! Last I checked Dolphins were cute and playful splashing in and out of the water...

These "Dolphins" stayed under with their eerie fins perched out of the water!!!! In my book we were amongst the company of SHARKS!!!! Hopefully I will ease up a bit because with my mother's possible move coming up I'm betting this country girl will be spending a lot of time on the Beach with my Beach Boys!! Who knows my little guys may end up to be surfers, instead of Cowboys, and Ball players like I have always imagined!! They LOVED it and had no fear! I STILL wish I hadn't of lost my camera on our fun little vaca :( Here are some pic's my sister-in-law Shannon Took! She's pretty awesome!Trent hated being taken away from the water!! This picture with my mother shows it.....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Been Busy

Busy Bee that's ME! Though you wouldn't notice...since I usually Blog About EVERY LITTLE FAMILY EVENT! But I have been I promise....

~I've Been~
  • Flinging Flowers

  • Creating New Pieces

  • Awaiting My nephew's arrival.... to finally Meeting New Baby Reed (that's right... My Sister- in-law Sallie Had a Boy)!

  • Mimi's Birthday (My Mother In-Law)

  • My Mothers Visit from Oklahoma

  • A Rehearsal Dinner's

  • A Fabulous Wedding... In which my husband was the Best-Man in

  • AND a trip to Monterey, CA... which was the Boy's First Trip to the Beach!

The Kind of event's that you'd find me with MY CAMERA ALL UP IN YOUR FACE!
If you know me, or have ever been anywhere with me... you'd know that I NEVER, NEVER EVER forget my camera! Though I'm not a great photographer.... nor do I have a super Expensive camera.... I have it in my hand AT ALL TIMES!

So how is it that I don't have my own captured images from these Fabulous Events???????


I LOST my camera :(

Well I'm pretty sure that the maid at the hotel snatched it... She must have needed it more than I did... Actually with the cost of living there... I'm pretty sure she did! I know this because we spent some time scoping out places.... Stay tuned for the reason why :) I hope I was of some help to her! I also Hope she enjoys browsing through the 1500 pictures on my chip! AHHHH It makes me sick!!

It's been a grueling past week and a half... But I NEED to come to terms that's it gone... And buy a new one already!!!! Especially since this weekend we have Many More Fabulous Festivities to attend!!

Here's a peek at our fridge.. Full Of Events

  • A Meg Whitman Campaign Dinner (which I'm SOOO excited about... GO MEG!)

  • My Wheatland HS Reunion

  • And My Girlfriends 30th Birthday Masquerade Party.

I should have already blogged about all of those family events I listed above... But me being an EXTREMELY visual person... I refuse to blog with out precious pictures... So I'll wait until I get pictures from other Camera Happy people :)

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.... I have been wanting to buy a NICE camera, so I can take decent photos of my boys, and of my flowers, rather than depending on Photographers to capture them for me. SO I guess, I'll set aside my shopping for new office/sewing/creating space/Trew Luv studio transformation of our 4th bedroom, AND Bite the bullet and buy a new Darn Camera instead!

Maybe then I can do this on my own..... Snap a good product shot for once! And not have to wait for a Photographer to come along and buy a piece, then share some pics with me! Here are some Professional Favorites of My Recent Trew Luv Pieces! I LOVE SEEING WHERE THEY ALL END UP!

Speaking of Professional Pics! Drew Just had some Pretty Adorable School Pictures taken.. they even aloud siblings to tag along.. SO I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THOSE!! ALSO we have our families Picture's for our Christmas Cards coming up!!

Between, Meeting Meg, another HS Reunion, & a Masquerade Party I'll be having plenty to blog about!! I'm off Until next time.... or until I get some pictures :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pink October

To heck with Orange & Black.... All I am focused on this month is Pink! This last weekend we had planned a very exciting get-away! My boys & I along with Shannon and her boys were all planning on heading to Monterey for the weekend to meet up with my mother who flew in from Oklahoma! That was of course before I had been asked to join in on a very special Pink October Event! How could I say NO?? So with a little delay in our Vacation Get-away, I gladly jumped at the opportunity to help & donate my time and flowers for an amazing Cause!

I made countless PINK Trew Luv goodies to sell at the PINK October Race for the Cure! All of the proceeds went straight to the cause! Flowers of all shapes, shades, and sizes were being flung left & right! Something to suite any girls liking! They were a hit! I am so honored I was asked to participate, and am grateful I have an avenue that I am able to help even if it is in the slightest way!!

I have plenty where that came from, so think Pink EVERY DAY this month! Weather with a flower or sweater, nail polish...

Whatever is may be Be Pretty in Pink!

The Morning flew by and then we were off to Monterey... Well after I fixed my flat tire!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrating in the City

WOWZERS.... Where have I been? Under a see of Trew Luv flowers it seems! Someone must have let the flood gates open! I haven't had time for much..including sleep!But that hasn't stoped me from spending the last couple of weekends on the coast with those I love the most!

So allow me to back up a bit!
Two weekends ago, we Celebrated Dear Kesley's last hooo-ra, as a single woman! Shannon and I met up with the crew in San Francisco for an amazing night of fun to hold her over for a lifetime! I love Kesley, and have known her since the day she was born! She is more of a sister or a cousin to me, and I often forget that she really is not blood related.. but she is family! Our mothers have been best Friends since they were young little ladies, and still are to this day! What an amazing friendship they have, to create such a bond amongst their children!

This weekend is her Wedding in Turks and Caicos... AND UNFORTUNATELY I CAN'T ATTEND!! I am heartbroken about it! My mother & Shannon will be off on Thursday, and I'm pretty darn jealous!

Mrs. Tait to be....

I love you to pieces :) And I love that you read my blog!

Here she is in a picture she sent yesterday... hanging on the beach awaiting her guests!! I love you Kess, and wish you and JT all the happiness in the world!!
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