Wednesday, September 22, 2010




No Good


Those are just a few of the words I'd use to describe........

The Number that popped up on my Scale the other day!!

Now... You may be thinking why is this chick writing about her weight?

BECAUSE I THINK... If I publicly write this. No, Not the Number looking up at me... I'd be Crazy to do that! I'm 5'10 and Believe me It's not a little nor cute Number on my best day!

If I share with you that I am A Fats O right now... it Might do me some good! YOU just might happen to bump into me somewherem and catch me doing I shouldn't be & CALL ME OUT!! You see you can help me before I put that Red Robin French Fry in my mouth!!

So here's the story.
A few weeks ago our scale got a little too wet from my wild Indian's (my son's) Splashing in the bath! It got so wet it FRIED!!!
So I took my sweet little time replacing it! I weigh my self EVERY SINGLE DAY... and on that Particular Day I LIKED what IT had to tell me!! So I had a little pep in my step that day!! In My Skinny Jeans :)

So without a Scale each morning I dressed for the day thinking man... I liked that number from the other day, I'm SURE IT'S STILL THE SAME!!



AFTER CHURCH RED ROBYN {10 baskets of Fires}


I Finally remembered to grab a scale while moseying through Target the other Day!! In no rush to take it out of the package, I let it sit on the dryer for a day or so!

I guess I had been on a Major Dress Kick lately?!?!? BECAUSE I SLAPPED ON A Pair of my Slouchy a little too big.... But SUPPPPPER CUTE Trew Religion Jeans the other day!! To MY ASTONISHING SURPRISE THEY FIT! THEY WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO FIT! THEY ARE "Slouchy Boyfriend" Jeans!!!!!!!

I though Ohhh I MUST have Shrunk these bad boys!

So I grabbed a basic good fitting Pair.... Then Another Pair.... Then Another


And they all Screamed the Same thing...


What had I done to myself???

I had SABOTAGED All of my hard work!!
I GAINED 55-60 lbs

while pregnant Trent My 15 month old little baby!!

I worked HARD to loose it all!! So I ripped that Scale Out of the Box and QUICKLY Hopped on!! Then Just as Quickly hopped OFF!! With My hand covering My mouth!!

3 Weeks of No Scale Was A BAD IDEA!!

So a Trip to the Farmers Market in search of Fresh VEGGIES VEGGIES VEGGIES was much needed! That is all I'm allowing my self to eat! Wish me luck...

I HAVE BEEN A GOOD GOOD GIRL!! Eating Very healthy this week!!

If you see me at the movies, a restaurant, Starbucks Ext....

And I'm Cheating PLEASE AMBUSH ME!!!!!!!

Until Next time Chubb's is off to make Some Trew Luv!!

{Trew Luv means headbands.... that sounds kinda funny put that way}

My little Baker's Man!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

While Daddy's Away

His Family will Play! And that's just what we did!

This weekend Jess was out of town on Tahoe, leaving us behind! Even though we missed him, we SURE HAD SOME FUN! We ate dinner out side one night then read every book in the house, instead of watching TV! I've come to realize we need more books, because I think I know them all by heart!

Saturday we were up & at em bright and early and headed to the local Farmers Market! Played around the water fountain, and bought gobs & gobs fruit & veggies!! Which should be the only thing I consume from here until forever.... since..... well I'll go more into detail about that tomorrow!! That evening we had a Movie, Pizza & Popcorn Party as Drew Requested! Please Note I had a salad :)

I stayed up until 3 AM Both Nights fulfilling orders! That is a tad bit later, than usual! But lately My head is spinning with the amount of business I'm receiving!

Sunday was A fun day with Church, Lunch with Shannon & her boy's then a Bridal show with my girlfriend Maggie! Don't ask why we went!! Well actually we went to see some friends model in the Fashion Show, and to my surprise I spotted some Trew Luv on the heads of the Flower Girls in the show! I was approached a couple different ladies and asked if I was Jacklyn of Trew Luv (HUGE GRIN)! And on another instance I was asked if that was Trew Luv I was wearing on my head.... from someone who had NO idea who I was (Another HUGE GRIN)! It's amazing how word gets around in a Small town!

After that we Spent a Lovely Day at the Lomas House! Where Our WILD Boy's proved to us How Wild they Truly are!!

That is the Garden hose That Trent brought inside!!

Our Precious Little Baby's Brayden & Trent enjoying Poplickles (as the boy's call them)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I think everything happens for a reason!

Like whats the reason I was the only neighbor to not hear a single siren, firetruck or helicopter the other day! I was home..... Happy I didn't though! I don't think I could have handled it...IN FACT I KNOW I COULDN'T HAVE HANDLED IT!!!!!!!

A couple of doors down, 2 days ago a family's world became SHATTERED with the death of a father & a husband! This has me so shaken up, feeling sick! I feel helpless but know at the sametime I need to go down and speak, and of course I'll make food... I know all too well what need to be done for a family after a loss! Maybe, there is a reason I live just doors down from them!! The wife is expecting, and they have small children! One in which always stoped and chatted as he and his father walked to get the mail!

This song is something I came across today....

This family will be in my prayers, and I hope yours too! THEY NEED PRAYERS, as they face life ahead of them!!!!! And wish me well, as I go down there tomorrow... I have knots in my stomach! Hopefully I can be of some comfort to this woman and her children, considering I know exactly what they are going through! Hopefully be of some help to them during this horrible time. Maybe only if it's by my prayers! We have no clue what awaits us tomorrow! Love one another..... Be kind to one another.... Don't hold grudges... Make the best of your time here! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Absoutely Not Having It....

Amongst our Hectic weekend we still managed to make it to the Gold Counrty Fair! We had Drew entered in another Mutton Bustin! He was supposed to ride in the PBR in Auburn on Saturday Night!!! Well LET'S just say.... that DID NOT HAPPEN!! Under no circumstances was he going anywhere near that arena!! He at first was too small & then all of the sudden he was to big!! Then he said they were just too BUCKY & QUICK!! Never admitting he was scared or didn't like it....

Regardless to his reason he was NOT HAVING IT!!
He sat in the stands and watched the other kids ride, and was just as happy as can be!
He informed us that he was a Cowboy, and Cowboys ride Horses NOT SHEEP!!

So his Glorious Mutton Bustin Days are Done!! And that is fine by me...

My Sweet Cowboy, on a horse...NOT A SHEEP!!

And of course No fair would be complete without some rides and Carnival games!!

YES... that is a new Fish you see!! Benny now has a replacement...Meet Peter Pan!

The lamest fish ever... he just stares at the glass all day!! I still miss Benny!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Party People....

Seems like that's our routine these days!!
Party Party Party!!!

Our Weekends have been SO SUPER FUN, and FULL OF LIFE!!


ALL SORTS OF THINGS FABULOUS, FOR THOSE DEAR TO US!! We recently helped Celebrate Sweet baby Trey Rosser's First Birthday!
It was a Buckaroo Birthday!
He is the cutest Curly headed guy I have ever laid eyes on!!

We also Just celebrated yet another 30th for my girlfriend Rachel's Hubby Clint!

She pulled off a Fabulous Surprise Party!

WHILE on the topic of the Rachel Horn Family...
We also celebrated Her Sweet Baby Audrey's 2 Birthday yesterday!! Her Party was as precious and as Pink as they come! She is a Princess, that's for sure! BUT, I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! Her party was the 2nd I attended yesterday and to be honest I was a bit Frazzled!! After Church we rushed home I left the boys and headed to a Bridal shower in Lincoln for my friend Betsey who is Jess' Best friend's soon to be wife! Her shower was To Die for, OVER THE TOP BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE HER!!!

Again while on the Rachel topic!!
Crazy huh??
Their entire family's Birthdays are within Days of each other!!

I love you, and can't wate to celebrate YOU!!

-Next up on the Party Books-
~ Jess is throwing a Batchelor Party for his Buddy Jared this Weekend in Tahoe!
~Then it's a Batcherolette Party for me to attend the next weekend in San Francisco
~ The following weekend it's a wedding
~them it's my second High School Reunion!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

That A' Boy

That a boy, That A boy! That is what I get to hear Jess yell at the TV at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS... As if our home isn't loud enough as it is!! I get to have a Blaring Game on every Sunday for the rest of... WELL Until blasted Football season ends! Come to think of it... for the rest of my Life..OH BOY!! And Since the season officially Began Today, AND THEY LOST I'm in for it! He did Yell a couple of other things today... but since this is a family blog... I'll refrain from sharing!

I wish he liked a team that actually won every once in a while! Regardless I'll Try and be supportive, and cheer them on! We all know they need all the help they can get!

Sorry to boar you with this football talk, but if you were in my home for a second this Fall, You'd know that FOOTBALL is a HIGHLIGHT in the Johnson home!!
Anyone up for some Sunday Shopping...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Lovely Labor Day

Yesterday we had such a fun day! We hit the road early in the morning for a day full of fun at the Nicolaus Labor Day Parade! That town is so full of character and county goodness! I adore it! Jess and his brother entered the Horseshoe tournament just like they do every year! This year I had all bets on them to bring home the Championship Trophy!! They seem to always end up second place! WELL... The outcome wasn't so great!
They did NOT win, nor did they take second place!! POOOOOOO!!
But we had a wonderful day none the less!Trent playing with Drew's Motorcycle in his Thrashed from the filthy dirt stroller!
Drew & His Buddy Ruby Playing in the Tree

And Finally a Family Picture to end the day!

Drew with his wooden gun , along with his snake painting up his arm! And one very tuckered out Trent! And a VERY Yucky looking mama! I should have grabbed my glasses for this one! It was one of those days for me!! Nicolaus being a small town near where I grew up, we know everyone!! Everyone there we don't see often & I hadn't seen a bunch of them since Jake's funeral! He was a topic brought up by many!! So Everywhere I turned were sweet familiar faces that welcomed me with great hugs and love... and many many fond memories of my brother! I heard a bunch of wonderful stories! I guess people might figure ENOUGH time has passed that I should be able to chat about him without chocking up!! Trying to fight back the tears was a rough one... and as you can see from my make up free face... I wasn't so lucky!!

It was a LOVELY Day.....

And as for that Horseshoe Tournament... WE'LL GET EM NEXT YEAR!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I want to Give you some Luv

Trew Luv that is!!

A few days ago I was contacted by a Photographer who has a pretty huge following out of the Dallas Fort Worth area. She wanted to Feature my Etsy Shop on her blog! I was honored.... I tell ya those Texas women have some Great taste! Well, that was just after I had been contacted by the amazing talented publisher of Our Community's finest new Publication Me and Mine.... {Which my accessories happen to be on the font cover of}! Anyhow... she too wanted to feature me & my little booming business :) To Say the Least I'm pretty excited about all of this!

I'm so excited about giving goodies to the lucky winners of each give away!!

Click HERE for the Local Giveaway

And HERE to enter to win a 30.00 Trew Luv credit from Trew Luv's Etsy shop!

If you win A little something like this could be yours

Go and enter to win!!
Good Luck my Luv's ;)
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