Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm In

One of my favorite shops here in town! My Trew Luv Hats and bows are now carried in Twigs! I buy ALL of my baby shower birthday gifts etc. here! I'm so excited, and couldn't think of a finer shop to carry my goodies!

Also our family photographer who is truly AWESOME, used some of my stuff in her last photo shoot of this sweet little 1 year old girl. Yuba City Photographer { Claire & her parents! } » Jessica Cole Photo Blog. check it out here!

Hopefully more shops are soon to come! They are in the works. I should be making more bows right this very minute! This coming Sunday is a fundraiser for Brest Cancer, and I am donating a BOAT LOAD of PINK BOWS to the event! ALL ON TOP OF CABI! I am beat. I had 3 shows last week...only one this week, thank goodness! Things are great....being busy is good!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


95 % in height & 90% for weight!
We have another big handsome healthy boy on our hands!
Trent had his 4 month Checkup Yesterday afternoon! He's just growing like a week! He is now 16 lbs. 15 oz, and measured 26 1/2' inches long! Dr. said he can now eat cereal...can't wait to give that a shot!! Stay tuned for his first feeding ;)

He didn't look this happy as we left! Both boys were pretty upset over Trent's 5 shots!

Party at the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we celebrated Paige Cubblers 3rd Birthday @ Bishops Pumpkin Farm! One of my favorite places in the Fall! Although it felt nothing like fall...It was awfully HOT, so we didn't even take the hay ride to pick a pumpkin. We will save that for when it cools down a bit! Also Trent Turned 4 months old yesterday!Drew enjoying the pig races!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

We Shall See

What little Drew will end up being for Halloween?!?! We have had big plans for a few weeks now that Drew was going to be a Football player and Trent was going to be a football! Before that Drew REALLY wanted to be a Mama Dinosaur & he thought that Trent should be his baby Dinosaur...SUPER CUTE IDEA I THOUGHT! That was until we looked on line & found NO cute Dinosaur outfits! He LOVED the football player! Those were the plans UNTIL today!! BECAUSE TODAY we were strolling down the lane at Target when he caught a glimpse of this......from the second he woke up this morning he has been a SUPER HERO (as he puts it).
We discussed that he was going to be a football player...BUT WHEN HE HIT ME WITH PLEASE,PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE! I thought the kid can be WHATEVER HE WANTS!! A CHEESY CHEAP Spider man outfit it is!! FOR NOW! Now I just have to come up with ANOTHER idea for Trent!! Here he is today looking as darling as ever!! I can't believe he turns 4 months old tomorrow!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Funday!

Today was a great day! We started it off with Church, then came home and got ready for football guests. We watched the 49er game....well Jess did....I went shopping for the beginning of it! 49er's WON (Jess insists it's because his boys were wearing their LUCKY 49er shirts)! After everyone left the family played on the trampoline...I think I may have pulled something! We just hung out :) It was nice to have Jess home for a day!! He has been working SO HARD lately! It's almost 8 p.m., I bet he crashes ANY MINUTE!! He has been Exhausted!
The boys and myself walking in the door from Church

Drew, Trent & Wes in THE LUCKY OUTFITS!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey Hey Good Lookin'...What ya got gookin'

Not that cooking is something new....I cook EVERY DAY! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!! But last weekend was a full blown cook off for me!! Laurie's fair was going on so we decided to make dinner for Loren, and have THE BOYS (Jess, Will, Drew & Trent) go accompany him for dinner.
I made A good ol' casserole compliments to mom & Grandma and MY FAMOUS Gooey Butter COOKIES...compliments to PAULA DEEN! Just a few OF MY FAVORITE LADIES EVER!!!!

All day Sunday I SLAVED...LITERALLY SLAVED, to make Pulled Pork for Baby Audrey's 1st Birthday Party that evening! I made enough pork to feed 40 people! It turned out pretty great, if I do say so myself!!

Here is my little Kitchen Partner!! He thought he was about to eat so he was saying Grace :)

Not to pat myself on the back..BUT THESE COOKIES ARE THE BEST!! I'll share the


Gooey Chocolate Cookies

1 package of cream cheese

1 box of any chocolate cake mix

1 egg

1 stick of butter

1 tsp of vanilla

mix & refrigerate for one hour. roll chilled dough into walnut size balls, roll in powdered sugar

cook @350 for 10 min


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Great Debate

Trent turned 15 weeks old today!
Here is Drew in the same chair when he was 15 weeks old
Some say they look ALIKE..others say they DON'T! Here are both boys at the same age.
You be the judge.

Better Luck Next Year!

For the last few years the the Johnson Brothers (Jess & Will) have been in the Nicolaus Labor Day Horseshoe Tournament! Except for last year (MOM WAS MOVING THIS WEEK ONE YEAR AGO). They do pretty good, considering they are usually two of the youngest guys in the whole Tournament! Those old men really take horseshoes seriously! This year they placed 3rd. Two years ago they placed 2nd! NEXT YEAR WE ARE SHOOTING FOR 1st!! We had a blast regardless! This here is Jess' RINGER

I'm pretty proud of this shot! Look at that shoe in mid air.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Away for the weekend!

This Labor day weekend we had an opportunity to go to Mendocino for the weekend! And we jumped for the chance to stay a couple of FREE nights at our HONEYMOON destination! It was wonderful to get away..although leaving the baby's was heart wrenching! I cried as we drove away form Mimi & Papa's house. It made it that much harder having Drew teary eyed as we drove away!

Cow Camp Catering needed a couple of hands catering a wedding for a High School buddy of Jess'. The job came with 2 free nights at an ocean side hotel...who could pass that up:)

We missed the boy's like crazy..but knew they were having a blast with Laurie! When we picked them up they were at Laurie's fair, and Drew was helping pass out ribbons to the winners of the Goat show! It was pretty darn cute! While with Mimi Drew always tends to wear himself out, so we got the boys home bathed and ready for bed!! But not before snapping some shots of the handsome little guys!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Recently the boys have been getting just plain spoiled!! It seem like packages are arriving every time we turn around! The UPS man has been at our doorstep so much he is becoming our friend:) So every time the door bell rings Drew thinks he's getting a preset!!! It's pretty fun!! Here are some of the goodies the boys have received lately!

  • First came THE SHOTGUN!! Drew had been wanting one soooooo bad ever since Logan got his! YAY Grandma (mom) for finding the perfect gift in good ol OKLAHOMA!! As well as the cutest little Baseball frame! THANKS!
  • Next came Trent's blanket from Aunt Barbara! It is just precious! They are laying on it in the photo. It has Tents name & Date of birth on it! Drew has one from when he was born too. THANKS AUNT BARBARA, they are super special!!
  • From Debbie and Wiley came the cutest crane & farm animal toy! We opened it and Drew was so excited for Trent to have a new toy! Later that night I cleaned up the mess and took the box to the garage. As I tossed it, I heard a loud clunk....thinking Drew had maybe thrown a shoe or who knows what in the box. As I pulled out all of the wrapping paper I found another present at the was for Drew!!! He had already gone to bed, so in the morning he was surprised with his gift!! THANKS GUYS, THEY LOVE THEM!
  • And the 49er shirt...OH THE 49er SHIRT! Last Sunday morning while getting ready for church, I heard Jess on the phone in the office. What was he doing in the office while we were scrambling to get out the door...and what was he doing on the COMPUTER!?!?!? He is NEVER ON THE COMPUTER!! He and Drew were on the NFL site, shopping for new shirts for the season!!! Drew & Trent both got new shirts!! As you can see DREW WASN'T TOO HAPPY WHEN IT CAME IN THE MAIL!! He was certain his FOOTBALL SHIRT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A JERSEY LIKE THE REAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS!! He said "a shirt??? I ALREADY HAVE SHIRTS I WANT A JERSEY!!" I told Jess he was really crying BECAUSE HE IS THE SON OF A 49er FAN!!!! HE DIDN'T THINK MY JOKE WAS TOO FUNNY!! He started to like his shirt, after Daddy talked him into it!


Today I got labels made for all of my headbands and hat! I have been making them left and right! My AWESOME MOTHER helped me create a name as well as an image for them! Amongst her SUPER BUSY life with both of her kiddies moving out this week, and work she still foud time to be her usual helpful self, and create the design I had in my head! THANKS MOM, I LOVE YOU!! I put them together and they are now ready to hit the shops! HOPEFULLY they will ALL order a bunch!! HERE IS A PEEK AT A FEW!

TREW LUV (a combination of my boys names DREW & TRENT, together makes TREW : LUV= I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! And a horse shoe in place of the U...just to give it a bit of BOY...SINCE THAT'S ALL I HAVE)

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