Sunday, February 28, 2010

a bright sunshiny day

is what we had today!

The boys LOVED being able to get out in the sun! And so did I...this rain has to quit soon right???It's torture for Drew to have to drive by Shanghai Park every day!
Finally with today's weather he got to go!

Trent had his very first ride on the swing & of course he loved it!

It reminded me of this day when Drew was almost one

I love my little family so much.
I can't believe how BIG these boys are getting!
Time truly flies when you're having fun!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

we will we will...

Rock You

Drew's new anthem...he sings it all day! If you come over you will be sure to hear it. But hopefully you will get the performance while he is wearing pants, has on 2 socks, has a peanut butter free face, and is wearing his shirt on right side out, and not backwards.
He's a mess here!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I just opened an etsy shop!

You can now find my Trew Luv goodies

Rebecca Cook of took these lovely photos for me :) THANK YOU!! Now I just need a few friends with cute heads :) to let me take grown up headshots! Watch out headband world!

50 years

It's been 50 years since this photo was taken of my
Grandma & Grandad on thier wedding day! (Feb. 20, 1960)
Aren't they picture perfect?
Well I think they are and not only in this photograph but in real life! They are the worlds most amazing Grandparents/parents/people you could ever meet!
I wish the everyone could know them...the world would be a better place!
I love and admire them dearly!
Happy 50th Anniversery Kay and Don Rhodes!
I can't wait to be there to celebrate this HUGE accomplishment with you!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the boy's are BETTER

We all know I think boys are better...but in this case better means WELL!
This little chunkster is starting to feel better!
Thank GOODNESS!! The boys got sick last week and Drew started feeling better after he started his antibiotic....But this little guys has been given fits with this bug! Did I mention Trent weighed 22 lbs. at the Dr?!? Thats right...a 22 pound 8 month old! He finally was his usual happy self today :)

I haven't had earache's since who know when ( yes I have 2). I can vaigly remember them as a child.....AND BOY DO THEY HURT!!
This is NO FUN!! long as the boys are well, I'm happy!

Check out these vampire teeth!! Aren't are great!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the Air

Literally it was!

We sent off a Balloon to Jake in Heaven! The boys let it off then waved and yelled I love you to Jake in Heaven! They stood and watched it float of as far as the eye could see! It was precious! Logan does that often...I wonder who finds them?

my Valentines guys....ohhh what a Lucky Girl I am !

We had a perfect Valentines Day!
Our day was spent with Church, Shopping, Drew & I Baking, and being with My Guys!

Shannon and the boys joined us for a very yummy Valentines Dinner that included PINK mashed potatoes :) If you know me, you may know my LOVE for mashed potatoes...I must say this was the first time I have had them pink though!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010


Trent said Mama...and he said it to ME!!!

He has not been feeling well, and today he crawled up to my feet and held his arms up and said Maaamaaaaa!!!
It was Spectacular to hear! It melted my heart!
In the little

Shop (my home)
things are beyond GREAT!

I have been the busiest little bee around here!
hand stitching
waiting for it to dry


It's so WiLd around here because I now have my NEW TREW LUV ladies line in Twig's {} ,and am currently fulfilling their order as well as all the daily ones that are making their way to me! On top of that I happened to run into another business owner who was in the shop at the same time as I. She too asked to also carry the grown up line! I meet with them next Wed.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today it happened!
Trent said his 1st word

{ Dada }

I was excited as can be...but did feel VERY jealous that it was Dada!!!

That Darn Jess has been at home so much with the recent weather conditions...I know he has been hoaxing my precious baby boy to say his name first! And he did exactly that!!

Drew's first word was it looks like we are even!

It was pretty hysterical. I was sitting with him on a long car ride today to have our taxes done. I was saying Maaamaaaa over & over & over when he said in the sweetest voice imaginable DADA!!!

I said whaaaaaatttt!!! No Mama...and he just giggled!!! Hopefully mama will come soon!!

Jess deserved it...he is the worlds BEST DADDY!!

Just after the big boy said it!! I only had my camera phone to capture the moment :(

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was all sorts of fun!

A perfect day I would have to say!

Shannon, myself & the boys went to church, followed by some Red Robyn with Bridget. We then headed to the Johnson Ranch where Jess and the rest of the Johnson bunch had been moving cattle all morning! We got there just as they finished.

We started a little Bonfire with branches the recent storm had blown down (all collected by the little guys). Ate WAY TOO MANY of Mimi's Famous Cookies Mmmmm. And Enjoyed some beautiful weather ( FOR A CHANGE)!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera....but this was our scenery...just so you get the Idea - Jess' parents place...pretty country huh?!?

Shannon & I headed back TO TOWN leaving the 3 year old's with Jess.

We raced the sun to make it to the cemetery before sunset. We visited Jake...then headed off to do some shopping! After our shopping adventure we got back to the house and together we created this little masterpiece! It's an ottoman...incase you were curious!

IT'S SHANNON'S OLD END TABLE...CUT, PUFFED AND WRAPPED IN BEAUTIFUL FABRIC :) Pretty comfy too! The wood will soon be painted black...making it even better looking! I'm waiting to be called to some DIY show soon with all of my recent craftiness!! Haa haa haa just teasing!!

Had a great day hanging with my sister-in-law.....I LOVE HER TO PIECES :)

I stayed up wayyy to late last night. Finished a bunch of headbands...Valentines orders are coming in :) Here is my Favorite pretty from last night.
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