Friday, August 19, 2011

Lame to FLAME trip

This evening as we traveled home from my old little hometown of Wheatland, we were all chatting it up when Jess and I  Noticed a orange glow in the distance. Knowing most of the families who lived in that rural community, we decided to turn off the highway, just about a mile and a half, and be looky Lous. Mostly to make sure it was being tended too, because it was in the middle of nothing. And thankfully we did! It was the start of a fire along the railroad tracks, aside a corn field.  We got to call 911, report it and wait, and wait and wait some more for the fire department! Jess was checking things out, as an old friend who is a now a sheriff  strolled along and played with the lights of his car for the sheer entertainment of the boys! 22 minutes later the engines showed up, an began to put out the flames!! Pretty exciting stuff for us on this Thursday evening! The Pouty boys who I convinced to come along with me to do a  delivery of a bridal party's head pieces turned lame trip to FLAME trip!  They also got to eat at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurant's, that was the only way I convinced them to come along in the first place! Just a small town Thursday night, with the Johnson's on patrol:)
I was SO Bummed I only had my lame Iphone to capture the excitement with! That Glow with the Cornfields in the background was awesome looking!  Note to self... always Carry a camera!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hot August Nights

                                     The Perks to living just down the Street from the park....

                                           WHEN IT'S HOT.. WE GO COOL DOWN!
                                     Waiting for that Bucket to Dump IS A BLAST!!

                                Can you guess who eats all the food between the two of them!!
                             Haaa Haa Drew looks so skinny, and Proky looks so... CURVY!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the Start of Drew's School Career! I can't believe he is now in Kindergarten!! Where has the time gone?  He has wore a backpack all summer long, and pretended to do homework.. so to say the least, he was one EXCITED little Boy!! ME.. NOT SO MUCH!! I am a little heart broken, he's growing up so quickly!

                                     All Set for School!! Looking  "Kinda Cool" as he'd put it!

He has requested,  in his words..  "since I'm in real school now, can you please let me look cool? I am always having to look handsome, and don't want everyone telling me that anymore?!?!"  He's informed me that he doesn't want to wear collared shirts, which he thinks makes everyone think he's handsome! He wants to wear T-shirts like the big boys do and look COOL!  Ohhh what a horrible mother I am, for forcing him to be handsome all the time! Life must be so rough! So, From here on out... T-Shirts it is! Hope He feels COOL now! I assured him this would be the ONLY day I made him look handsome!

Waiting on Brother!
Here is a little chalk board, I whipped up last night, to document the Big Day! I am IN LOVE with Chalkboard Paint! I cut out a scrap piece of super thin board, slapped a coat of pain on it, and grabbed an empty frame, and There you have it!  I'm about to make a BIG one for the wall!

Hope everyone had a GREAT First day back to School!

Now, this whole get up and be somewhere EVERY SINGLE day is something I'm going to have to get used to!! I haven't done this for 5 years, since my working days came to an end, after becoming a mother!! Better get to bed!

Friday, August 5, 2011

He said.. Take Me Out

                              TO THE BALL GAME!

 My little nephew Logan turned 5 while we were traveling home from Texas! We tried to make the day of Travels as fun as possible for him, but in a rush to get home, we still needed a bit more partying!! So we did that at the  Sacramento River Cats Game. HIS FAVORITE TEAM! It WAS A HIT ;)  A foul ball was hit just behind us, and the man gave the ball to Little LoLo! The Mascot even paid him a visit! And it was a WIN for our team, then followed by a Firework Show! Pretty exciting stuff for a bunch of 5 year old!
                                               Grandma and a part of the Gang Pre game!

Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday Jess
Better late than never, huh?  His Birthday was last Friday :(  We had plans that night for a fun night out... BUT he had to work SUPER late that night...  So here he sits at 10:00 at night, with his  best buds :)  He said he'd rather this anyways! Happy Birthday Love!

Please pardon the ridiculous excuse for a cake!! It was last minute, and his favorite! I hope you know that I do have better abilities than that! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making Memories

It is such a blessing that my grandparents are still so young and so fun! It's so fantastic that these boys of mine are able to expericance the exact same experiances that I hold dear to my heart from my childhood! We're Looking forward to creating Many Many more memories for the boys, as they continue on with this tradition!!  I have a very special relationship with my grandparents, and would choose to vacation there over any palce in the world!!  I'm so jealous of friends who live close to their family's! Once I'm there  I never want to go, and that was the same case for the boys. They would have stayed forever if he had let them!

So here's a peek form our Texas trip! We headed to Southern California for a wedding and then Shannon and I, and our two babies headed to fetch our little guys and to have a little fun for ourselves!

 IT was STINKIN HOT, so hot I felt as I was going to just melt, but there is so much land (thousands of acres), and so many animals, AND CREATURES, all they wanted to do was play out side! So, I got a tour of the land, introduced to all of the animals, shown how to ride the same four wheeler, the one I grew up exploring on (that thing is 30 years old and still trucking!!)  We had a great trip, and I didn't want to come home, except to see Jess, who unfortunately had to stay behind.  Also because we drove there... and the thought of driving home with a CAR FULL OF 4 BOYS... I was scared!! But we made it just fine, Shannon and I are true Road Warriors! 

Shannon and Trent, covering some ground on that tiny little 4 wheeler! She was the designated ride giver since I think I out weigh her by about... WELL BY A LOT!!!!

  Catching Critters, and LOTS of them!

...that is one thing I did NOT ever do!!

Horny Toad Hunting with Grandma was a Success!!
We already can't wait to go back! Looks like we didn't do much by these photos... BUT boy did we have a great trip! We ATE such great food, SHOPPED out booties off, and Just had a blast visiting! Maybe next time we go there we can take some California Rain... As you can see it's devastatingly Dry there! Pray for Rain, Those cattle Ranchers and Farmers So desperately need it!
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