Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whole Lotta Nothin

Everything is going great! Little Trent turned 12 weeks old this week!! WOW, I can't believe it's already been that long since he was born! He is quite the chunkster & thumb sucker! Despite all my hard work at trying to keep him from it, the little sucker just keeps a SUCKIN!! ANY SUGGESTIONS!! I don't want him to be a little BUCKY BEAVER!

We have had a pretty uneventful week this week. Our most exciting event was yesterday when Drew decided his pancakes were NASTY!! Hummm, how strange I only make them one way ...the same way every time, and he always loves them!! We even do the pancake dance while making he ALWAYS WANTS PANCAKES!! JESS SAID I MIGHT BE THE MOST BIZARRE MOTHER IN THE WORLD FOR DANCING AND MAKING UP SONGS FOR EVERY LITTLE THING!! Maybe so, but at least we have a TON OF FUN!!

In case your dying to hear it!

Our song goes a little something like this :)


Anyways...about the NASTY pancakes! Drew said these are NASTY, I CAN'T EAT ANY MORE! And somehow came up with the IDEA HE NEEDED DOUGHNUTS!! I have NEVER bought doughnuts for him, So I THOUGHT THAT WAS A GREAT IDEA!! So to the DOUGHNUT SHOP WE WENT!!

After doughnuts we went to TARGET to do some shopping for Miss Jennifer's NEW APARTMENT! I bought her all of her Bathroom stuff! I'm so excited for her & can't wait to go visit!

I made the Zebra basket covers :) As well as a bunch of other fun stuff this week!


And MY FAVORITE THING I have made yet! Trent's little cowboy outfit!
Isn't he precious in it??

I had better not get too used to these LAZY Weekdays! The CAbi season has just started..and THANKFULLY I am Bookin up! So It's about to get CRAZY around here!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Trent

My Little Handsome got a Hair Cut

Today was quite the day for Mr. Trent! We started it off with Surprising mommy with rolling over! While folding laundry on my bed, Trent was laying there just watching my every move when all of the sudded OVER he went! From his little back to his tummy! YAY TRENT!! He is 11 1/2 weeks today...I don't remember when they are supposed to roll over for the first time??? BUT I'M SURE PROUD OF HIM...I THINK HE IS SUPER SMART :) And NO, it wasn't a fluke! I put him back on his back and immediately back to his tummy he rolled! HE is getting so BIG! Next came HAIR CUT time! Yesterday he looked darling in his new shoes, so I took about a hundred pictures of him...while doing so HIS LONG HAIR WAS MAKING ME CRAZY...SO SNIP SNIP went his wispy side wings! He looks so much more handsome now!

He is Becoming QUITE THE THUMB SUCKER! YIKES...I'm trying to prevent it!!

Here he is modeling his HANDSOME FIRST HAIR CUT

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This ones for you SISTER!

Today we spoke many times on the phone! Tonight I called you and you answered half asleep...due to our 2 hour distance :( !! I called you on my way home from dinner with my girlfriends at Sopi Thai (yummy). Leaving the restaurant while driving home I was thinking how much fun I had...but no matter how much fun I have with my friends, it could never come close to how I enjoy being with you! I miss our special times just doing nothing. Our photoshoots re-do's & more photoshoots, and our special lingo that's just plain silly! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, and wish I had you here with me everyday!! You are so beautiful, and special to me and I want you to know I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

I miss you MOM, JAMES & JACY like Crazy too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday Funday @ SIX FLAGS

Yesterday morning we packed up the car & headed for a Day of fun at Six Flags! Of course Lauire & I decided to start our day day off at Starbucks...& boy did I need it TRENT WAS UP ALL NIGHT!! Laurie said the little munchkin is going through a 10 week growth spurt! He ate like a mad man all thanks for the COFFEE Mimi!! Headed to Vallejo about an hour and a half car ride...Drew was ready to see the Whales and the dolphins, and was curious as to why we weren't there yet. I sat in back with the boys so we chatted about all we were going to do... and how much of a BLAST we were going to have. "A BLAST," Drew said, "Whats a BLAST"??I guess he has never heard that term before and couldn't quite understand what I was talking about! So, SO MUCH FUN is what we were about to have!!

We started off this HOT day at the Shows. Tigers,Whales & Dolphins! Then off to the rides! I think Jess & I were more excited than Drew to go on a roller coasters!! I've decided we have some growing up to do!! We both wanted to run wild through that park going on all the BIG KID rides like wild animals. But we refrained ourselves, we are parents now...and it's all about Drew!! BUT...I WANTED TO RIDE THE RIDES SOOOO BAD....and most of all go on the Bungee/Sky dive one!! Watching it made my heart pound! So our plan was take turns with Drew on his rides, since Mimi is CHICKEN!!! She wouldn't get of the kiddiest of the kiddie rides!!!

UNFORTUNATELY the kiddie rides is right were we had to stay!! The limit to the larger rides is children 42' inches could be accompanied by an adult! WELL, at Drew's 3 year Dr. apt, just 3 weeks ago he was 42 1/4 inch BARE FOOTED!!! AND THOSE DIRTY RATS AT THE PARK said NO! He needs to be OVER the black line! He had shoes on and just made the mark...but they turned us down BREAKING MY SWEET DREW'S HEART! I understand, but IT WAS AWFUL. It was absolutely Heartbreaking to stand in line watching all the kids hopping off yelling and screaming with smiles...TO BE TOLD SORRY!! Although he still had a great time, he fell asleep minutes after hitting the road back home. BUT OF COURSE WAKING UP WHEN WE ARRIVED ASKING TO PUT HIS NEW SUPERMAN PAJAMAS ON! That was souvenire from the trip!! WHAT A FUN DAY, can't wait until next time!! It will Be a BLAST, since Drew can take his pick of rides!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Late at Night

It's late at at night when all of the boys are sleeping is when I tend to get thing done! Jess usually falls asleep on the before waking him I do my things. Which lately has been sort of a strange hobby....strange that is for a mother of two boys! This last Christmas I was pregnant with Trent....though I did not know it was Trent in my tummy. For a split second I was sure it was Jane, or June or Kate (all the names I wanted for a Girl). For those couple of weeks thinking it may be a girl I went CrAzY looking online for bedding, dresses, accessories, you name it! EVERYTHING GIRL!! Well I came across ALL SORTS OF BOWS!! And who would have thought that BOWS would catch my eye???? I HATED BOWS, I HATED THEM WITH A PASSION!! My crazy mother had me in a bow, a big ridiculous one at that EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE!!! I swore to her I would NEVER make my daughter wear a bow!! And I won't because I will not have a daughter ha ha ha!! But if I did she would be decked out in bows because I started making my soon to be daughter all sorts of them. Sorry for all that grief mom!! I looked quite darling I must say!

After finding out that I had a boy in my tummy on Dec. 17th (I was ecstatic I might add) I gifted all of the bows to my girlfriend Rachel's daughter baby Audrey! She looked beautiful in beautiful that people started asking her momma Rachel where she got them! So now my nightly activities are you guessed it, making bows, headbands, skirts, anything little girl!! I'm selling a bunch, it's been a lot of fun! So here are some of my makings!!

And the one boy thing I can make

We just can't get enough!!

Well we had to visit the Fair again!! Imagine that, the Johnson's at a fair, ha ha! Saturday evening we met Laurie, Kendal & Bill back at the fair! There was still PLENTY more fun to be had.....for goodness sakes we hadn't even ridden a ride yet. And to our surprise Will joined in on the fun too! Our last visit was strictly all about the animals!! So back for more we went! WE HAD A BLAST, it had to have been the funnest fair trip since we were kids Jess & I decided! To see our son SO filled with excitement, with such a huge smile on his face just melts our hearts! He was so grateful thanking us for everything and SCREAMING I WON, after each ride. He has got to be the cutest little boy on the planet...RIGHT? WELL WE SURE THINK SO! Drew & Kendal rode almost EVERY Kiddie ride there & then Jess & I got to take the kids on the Ferris Wheel!

And lastly our view from the top!! Everyone said they knew which buggy we were in because of the constant flash coming out of it! Hummmm ME TAKING PICTURES.....NEVER!! I guess I'm crazy for the camera like the Johnson's are for the FAIRS!! Can't wait for the Gold Country Fair(Laurie's fair) we may just have to go buy a pig!! Yummy!

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