Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Boy Blue

                                                       The Adventures of Turning Two.....

Between Drew and Trent, and their 4 VERY CLOSE in age boy cousins, I quite frankly am running out of theme for Boys Birthday Party ideas that one of us hasn't already used! So we went with a little BOY Blue theme and boy was it blue! Our teeth still have a tint of blue to them.. Between all of the blue candy blue Drinks and  Cake!

Both of my Boys are holiday baby's, Trent Memorial Day Weekend, and Drew the Day after the 4th of July... Pretty Patriotic huh??? Trent's Party was great, with our closest family and friends, baby bounce house (so we wouldn't gain anymore injury's) Thanks Neighbors! And we luckily dodged the rain! All in All we had a perfect Party!
He is LOVING HIS NEW Ride & Hat..
I think he looks pretty slik!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Trent Turns Two!

I can't believe my little man has turned TWO! His Birthday was Friday, but we have been all over the place this Memorial Day Weekend... so this is a little late. He is such a little character! So full of energy and spunk, and has developed quite the vocabulary! "Daddy Drew Hit me"... is his favorite line... JUST BECAUSE IT GETS OUR FULL ATTENTION! Although it's never true... He is something else, poor little Drew!

He LOVE to Mow Mow (mow the grass) and want to do it all hours of the day!
He LOVES wearing caps... and barley ever goes without!
He LOVES his Pillow, and we have to take it everywhere!
He LOVES the attention his broken foot has given him, and loves to tell you all about his BROKE foot!
He LOVES Hot dogs and wants them the second he wakes up!
HE LOVES That it's his Birthday! HE has been saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY, for the last 3 days!
He LOVES cows and want to go to his Mimi and Papa's everyday!
He LOVES his Brother, and wants to be everywhere he is.. he hates mornings when Drew goes to school!
He LOVES Baths, it's his favorite part of the day!
HE is adorable, and we LOVE him so! 

But he is growing just too fast, and it's making me sad that I no longer have a little baby! Though he will always be my baby, he's just getting too darn big!!!
 These are a couple of shots that my friend Samantha captured for us, to remember him at 2! And to create the most adorable Birthday Party invites! Thanks Samantha, we love them!

 Trent came in the other day from the sandbox with a diaper and crack full of sand. So I striped him  down and sprayed him off in the sink... and then decided to just give him his bath... He had a blast!
                                                    Another favorite of my little birthday baby!
Happy Birthday Trentie Poo! Mommy Loves you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday Girl!

My Sister Jennifer just celebrated her 20th Birthday! May 18th to be exact... but I've been NOT Blogging as you can see... and she has been NOT free to celebrate! I'm so extremely Pound of her, working her little tushy off, but come on.. a girls got to have a little fun! SO Monday night she finally had a night off to celebrate being 20 with the family! This time next year we will be pool side lounging it up in Las Vegas! I've promised her that for oh, probably the last 5 years!  Who better to go to Vegas with than you're awesome Big Sissy!?!?  I'm sure she could think of a few, so they can come along too! I can't wait!

                                               I Love her To Pieces, she truly is the Best!

                                               We Had Sushi, her favorite! We Had a Blast!
                                                            Love You Jenni Poo!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Somethings Missing

Can you tell what it is?
OH How he would kill me if he knew I posted this!

Ohh well.. I think Mr. Johnson is looking quite handsome minus the goatee?  He's had that bad boy for 9 straight years! It's quite comical really... I can't take him serious, and can't stop laughing when he talks to me!  Poor guy is getting a complex because everyone just giggles at him!
I do love it... It's just taking some time to get used to!

Also missing is my Mothers Day Post!

We had a lovely day!
My mother came up, and we all spent the day together! I hope we made moms day as nice as possible! There is nothing worse than the loss of a child, and mothers day's seems to hit her pretty hard! So we loved on her a lot...

                                                         All the Mama's in the house!
                                Mama Johnson and her kiddos, at our Johnson Mothers day Dinner.
                                           Myself and my Wonderful Mama!!  I Love her so much!
             My boy's were precious... as was goatee free Jess, that day and showered me with lot's of love!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tee Time & Tea Time

The Last Two Saturdays in a row have been fun filled events with the ladies! One was a Miniature Golf event (hints the Tee Title). It was a Pub Crawl benefit Golf Tournament.  We knew that the teams were going to be dressing in themes. WELL just so happens the event was smack dab int he middle of the Kentucky Derby (which we are obsessed with), so we found it fitting to be Derby Ladies! We had no clue...BUT it just so happens that there was a contest... in which WE WON!  At least golfing, and walking the Entire town in heels paid off for something, since our golf game didn't get us very far!
The Tournament took us right through little sissy's work! Isn't she a doll! And Look Below at Miss Maggie about to show us her stuff! Cutest Golfer EVER, I must say!

This last Saturday, we attended a Hands of Hope Tea Party. Another Hat donting event! Once again we had a lovely time, sipping delusion teas, eating scones.... AND enjoyed yet again another win!  Again.. we had no clue a contest would take place, and yours truly took home, most Glamorous! I'm not sure if that was the case, or if the ladies all felt sorry for me and had a clue that the gift basket I was about to win was full of Teas... I need to sip on this stuff... I have had NO voice for almost two weeks! And we all know how much I like to talk! This is ridiculous!

Maggie, myself, and Rachel
 (just a day and a half before she Delivered Lily)

It was fun while it lasted BUT I don't think any hats are in the plans for this weekend ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Lily

Today Baby Lily was welcomed to the world by her Wonderful Parents Clint and Rachel, and Big Sissy Audrey... and Lots of Loving Aunties!

Weighing in at 7lbs 1oz and 19 3/4 in.

She is Adorable!

Last night my phone was dying so I grabbed my charger and headed to the room and plugged it in on my nightstand! I have NEVER once charged my phone in my room! And NEVER do I check my cellphone phone in the morning... It usually sits at the bottom of my purse, until I head out the door! But low and behold my best friends water broke in the WEE Hours of the morning... so she sent out a text... And Guess who happened to get it... HA! How strange... LOVE how that happened! Rachel wasn't due until the 28th!

I kept Big Sister Audrey so the family could be there for the surgery! We had such a fun Girly Morning... then headed to Roseville to Meet Baby Lily, who is so absolutely perfect, and sweet! It was Love at first sight!

Mama and Baby are doing wonderful!

Welcome to the World Baby Lily!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Been a Long Time Coming!

I've known this day was coming from the get go! As soon as this little baby of ours was mobile, I knew we were in a world of trouble! He is fearless I tell you! I assume it's because he is the baby and has a big brother to follow around, and learn naughty bigger boy tricks from! He does follow him around and watches his every move... but he doesn't follow... he out does! His wheels are always turning of what to do next, and his orneriness and fearlessness  out does Drew's any day of the week! He thinks he's 4... and that is how we ended up with this!! A BROKEN FOOT!

A week ago last Sunday we were at a Birthday Party when Trent BROKE his little foot! I hate to say this.... BUT I have a hunch that this is just the first of MANY broken bones in the Johnson house! These boys are going to scare me to death with their wildness... And it's only just begun at the ages of 23months & 4! I can't imagine what 10 and 13 will be like around here!  Go figure the baby has a broken bone before Big Brother! His broken foot breaks my heart... but if you saw him run around you'd for sure get a chuckle... It's rather adorable!!
 Regardless of his foot... he's not slowing down one bit!
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