Friday, September 30, 2011

Mixed Emotions

                                                                 WE ARE MOVING! 

 For some time now we have had our eyes peeled for a cozy little spot in the country! I have mentioned it before, that I want nothing more than a home where my boys can run free, and play like the wild little Indians that they are! We Love our 4 bedroom home in town, and have lots of memories here.. some better than others!  BUT Be careful what you wish for... I guess, I should have told Jess more specific Guidelines! BIG PROPERTY AND BIG HOME ;) Sure the property is BIG... but we are downsizing our home for the land!  So you'll find this little bunch out where the blacktop ends, just at the edge of the darling little town of Sutter! We move in this weekend! Jess is IN LOVE, and so are the boys... ME NOT SO MUCH! But, I'll be ok at the end of the day seeing my boys all so happy!  I am happy with the location, and the land BUT now I feel like saying I take it back... I really LOVE my home, and my neighbors, and the Starbucks around the corner, and am not really all that jazzed about giving up a few hundred square feet!

I'll have to get rid of SO many pieces of furniture that just won't fit in the new place! A plus to this whole new house deal is DECORATING it (and a lot less to clean)! And I have slightly forgot about my sadness with this little tool, in which I have become obsessed with... Pinterest!  I'll keep you updated on the transformation of making our little 3 bedroom house a home! I'm sure I'll LOVE it soon enough!

Tonight we bought tile at Lows, as well as 2 fans, EACH FOR $9.60 That's RIGHT! 90% off! Last week I bought our fridge for 2 inches too wide :( Even the fridge slot is small!!! Anyone want to trade fridges?? HAHA! Hope all of you friends who have talked me into this Giving in to the boys, will be sports and travel out and visit me!  FREE PONY RIDES to all who come!!!!

 Good Night... Off to Pack!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Appoligies...

To the men in the Barber Shop the other Day!! I'm sorry! So much for Man Talk, ESPN, Playboys, and chatting about football.. instead you all got an earful of this little man! Nothing like a mom with a camera, a couple of kids (one screaming at that) invading the Barber Shop!

It was only horrific for a few minutes! A few Snot bubbles later he chilled out, and made it a LOT easier for Barber Wes to complete the 1st Cut! Next time we should be good to go!

This was my sweetie BEFORE he knew what he was in for!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Napa with the Girls

My Two Dearest Friends Julie and Rachel have Birthdays in early September! A Couple of weeks ago, we headed to Napa together, for a little Birthday Celebration / mommy Getaway (we are all three mothers to two children each) and it was to say the least IT WAS FANTASTIC! These Girls are the Very Best, and sharing the Day with them in lovey Napa was such a treat! Julie lives in Utah, so I usually get to see her about once a year, this year is the exception... Shes coming right back for my Birthday in November!! 
                                                                   A Bunch of Blondies
                                              Rachel, Myself, Julie, and Lindsay (the Napa Pro) 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday Rachel!
I'm officialy on Cake Overload!!

I've had a Fabulous time celebrating, and then celebrating some more for not only my Darling Girlfriend's Birthday but her Sweet little Princess too!! They have a 4 day Gap in between their Birthdays, and We've had FUN and Our fill of Cake Helping Celebrate!

All of the Girls Gathered Monday night for her Birthday Celebrations! What a great time all of us ladies had! What a pleasure it is to slip away for a couple hours with such a hysterical, fun group of friends!

I hope Your Birthday Wishes come true!! I LOVE You!!

And here is her little precious Aurdey Celebrating being 3, wearing the Cowgirl boots we got her, paired with her Pink Bikini, and a Huge Grin!! What A Doll she is! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Weekend at the Lake

We Spent our Labor Day at Lake Almanor! We were Lucky enough to have some great family friends offer their amazing lakeside cabin to our family and some fun friends! We Had a wonderful relaxing weekend! Now back to the real world.... It was fun while it lasted!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Couple

We have a couple of weeks of Kindergarten under our belt now! Wheew, this last couple of weeks have my head spinning! I'm pretty sure that's why I haven't had a second to sit and blog for a while.... We are finally getting into the swing of things with this whole new routine, but to top it off we've had out of  town weddings two weekends in a row! And now we have Vacations planned for two weeks in a Row! Yikes! We are packing in as much Summer Fun as we can while it lasts! Last weekend myslef and My Two Best Friends (one in from Utah)  went to Napa, that was FABULOUS! And this weekend we are changing it up from the usual Nicholas Labor Day Parade, and Heading to Lake Almanor with a couple of our Friends and their kiddos! It should be Wonderful!

                                                  The Happy Johnson Couple at both weddings

                              A Couple of the Cutest boys I know before heading off to School!

                                     And Lastly Couple of the Best Friends a Girl could Ask For!

Off to the Cabin We Go! Happy A Lovely Labor Day Weekend Everyone! XO
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