Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Southern Beauty

It's sad to say...but my darling sister Jennifer is headed back to Oklahoma! She packed up and headed South yesterday! As much as it saddens me I know it is for the best! She will be with our mother, and begin School there!

Jennifer moved down for summer at the same time as our brothers Memorial Roping in May, and I enjoyed every second of it! She has been sporting my elastic flower bands, and clips ever since I started Trew Luv , and was always living away so I couldn't use her beautiful head as a model for all of my pieces!! To say the least she should have a permanente flash in her eyes as much as I have taken advantage of her head while here!

So as a LAST hooorahhh we had my friend / Photographer Samantha Prather, do a shoot of some pieces I had been working on for a good while now! And I couldn't' think of a more appropriate time to reveal them, than Jennifer's Southern Move!

Since we come with very Southern Root's I have Named this Collection of my newest Trew Luv Pieces
Southern Bell

Isn't the the most beautiful Brown Haired Beauty!
~ The Pieces are named ~
Blue Bonnet
There is another collection soon to come!
Gotta Keep changing it up ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Reporting In

Julie's Birthday was a Blast!Our Luxurious Day Spent at the pool!

Followed by VIP'S, Front of the line, Fabulous Dinners, and Super Fun nights!
But, Boy am I one sleepy mama!

And the blisters on my tootsies are a whole different story!

It was Great to be with Julie for her Birthday, and as excited as we both were to go to Vegas, it was a whole new ball game. Even though she was a previous dancer for The Sacramento Kings, who is no Stranger to Vegas, we were both so out of our element! We were VERY ready to get home to our babies, and missed them the whole time! By the way Julie has the most adorable set of boy girl TWINS! I was so happy to see my sweet boys, when they picked me up at the airport! We headed for a Lunch Date at Jennifer's Restaurant which was her last Day of Work in California.....

That's a whole new story... sniff :(


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

So I was wrong...
I said the party planning was done for a while! I did have a couple of weeks rest in the PARTY department, but it's back in full force! Next week is the start to a full on two week birthday extravaganza! Two of my best friends birthdays are coming up! JULIE'S 30th is next week so tomorrow we are headed to celebrate BIG TIME in Las Vegas for the weekend! I should be resting since I'm soon to be landed in the City that never Sleeps...but instead I'm finishing up Trew Luv orders, and blogging, all while trying to keep my eyelids open!! Oh ya and packing...which is so fun having another woman's entire wardrobe to browse through! Jennifer being gone for the night is giving me open range to her closet since she lives in our spare bedroom! I'll just consider the items I sang for the weekend RENT!!
Next week is going to be a BIG BIG week for me, so I have a lot to finish up before I head out for what should be a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!
A BUNCH of amazing things are happening, in all aspects of my life!
Hope you all have a great weekend, I think I will! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Let's Go"

Mr. Jabber Jaw's is beginning to make some since! Trent has a new favorite saying & it's Let's Go to EVERYTHING! He runs to the door with shoes and says OVER & OVER Let's Go!! First thing in the morning when he wants a sippy cup of milk he let's me know it by saying let's go! In the Car he shakes his head yes and claps while repeating over & over Let's Go! In the afternoon after his nap he lets me know he's awake by yelling "mama let's go"!

So Basically he's really good at saying Let's Go! Let's go has never sounded sweeter, it even looks cute with a puckered mouth and all! Here is a video just to share his cuteness!

Again Pardon my voice... I have the hardest time listening to myself.....

In my head I sound NOTHING like that!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Leaving the children at home with daddy, while running a few errands....Fabulous Idea RIGHT? I always jump at the opportunity to run a quick errand alone! It's a rare occasion that I get to run in & out of a store lickidy split feeling free as a bird....

So I leave home and am back in no time! Jess is giving the boys a bath, so I walk back to find Jess with a huge Smerk on his face wile holding Trent in a towel!! I smile and look at them both, WONDERING WHAT THAT SMERKS ALL ABOUT?!?!? WELL, let me start of by telling you that my charming husband is in huge TROUBLE!!!! HUGE, GINORMOUS, TERRIBLE TROUBLE!!!

That son of a gun BUZZED my precious baby's head! Making a number of nicks, which required it to be buzzed even shorter! Making him look like a COMPLETE WRECK!!

Sure I'll admit that these photos taken the other day show that his hair was a bit unruly, and in desperate need of a HAIRCUT, please note I said HAIRCUT... NOT BUZZ!!

Here is the aftermath of the Buzz! It doesn't look half bad in these photo's but trust me...it's a mess! So much for a handsome little man's comb over for a while!!

I feel sick, and Jess laughs saying It's not as easy as it looks....it will grow!

So while we are on the hair topic. I'll close with these! Jess is busy ruining heads, while I'm busy accessorizing them! Here are some Trew Luv pieces I have done this week!
A bride's Something Blue!! Large Navy Peony hair comb bridal piece custom made for one super gorgeous bride who was married Yesterday!

And Clips in many colors!
These little puppies are flying out the door, as quickly as I can crank em out!

My fingers are LITERALLY throbbing!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FAIRwell Benny

Last night we lost our beloved State Fair Fish Benny! Amongst all of our fair experiences this summer, we gained a new member in the Johnson household! He was quickly named Benny, and quickly became Drew's buddy! That fishy had some character let me tell you! His life was extremely short lived, 2 weeks here in our home, but I'm really going to miss him fluttering around on my counter top!!

Benny wasn't the only thing we brought home from the State Fair...great memories were made as well! We made a fun packed day out of it! With a VIP pass we had no choice to DO EVERYTHING! And believe me we saw it ALL!!
Drew entered the open mutton Bustin to sharpen up on his skills!

We even caught the races!

We Rode EVERY RIDE that caught our eye!

BUT the most fun of all was Bringing home Benny! We live in Town, so Drew's animals are at his Grandparents Ranch. Benny was Drew's first little pet here at the house. When we got home yesterday Jennifer noticed his slugish sideways swim....I panicked doing everything I could to make him come back....hours later he has gone! Drew happened to be in the bath at the time, so quickly he was flushed! :( BOOO for loosing Benny, but "Jake's got a fishy to play with in Heaven", says Drew!

Farewell Benny!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

10 Year Reunion

I absolutely can NOT believe it has been 10 years since I graduated High School! We attended my Reunion this last Saturday night And Let me tell you it was a BLAST!!! I moved to Yuba City the summer before Senior Year, which I though was going to be the hardest thing imaginable!! The first couple of Days were rough, I'm not going to lie! No matter how out going or fearless someone is, going from a Small Country School with 500 Students to the big YC with 3000+ students was a bit overwhelming. Until that 3rd day came and these Chickie's took me under their wings! Ten year later they are still my posse and I love them dearly! My parents moving hadn't been the end of the world after all!

We had a Blast, saw a bunch of great people that I hadn't seen in a LONG (10 years) time!

I was proud to report that my life was going pretty GREAT & was the super cheesy mother who packed a photo brag book of my darling little ones!

I am looking forward to Wheatland's Reunion inOctober and am happy they included me and extended the invitation to me, even though I didn't GRADUATE with them!!

They too hold a place dear to my heart! Now just have to figure what to wear to the next 10 year reunion?

Friday, August 6, 2010


I pray you enough sun to make your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear!
I pray you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.
I pray you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.
I pray you enough pain so that even the smallest joys in life appear bigger.
I pray you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I pray you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I pray you enough hello's to get you through the final goodbye.
I LOVE THIS! Wanted to share it with you guys!
To all my friends and Loved ones
I Pray you enough...
Someone must have recently prayed me enough sun...because I had a pooy day...that has turned out to be glorious!! And talk about Glorious... tomorrow night is my 10 year reunion, and we should have a Glorious time!! We had better...it costs $160.00.... geez!!!

a year with us!

I was just looking through my blog and noticed that it has already been a whole year since I started this silly little thing! As I looked through, it basically seems like a little Johnson Journal...for that I'm sorry! I guess I'm just a simple little mama, and a few cute guys in my life, that I LOVE TO TALK ABOUT! Oh and an occasional blerp about my little TREW LUV Flower Business!

We have been a busy little unit lately, that I have not mentioned much about that little Flower business lately! I'm happy to say that "little" really isn't the term so much anymore! BIG things are happening, and I am so excited for what's on the horizon!

Just a couple peeks at some NEW pieces! Pieces that I am currently making by the 100's!

Or should be (because i'm typing instead)

This blog has given my famiy, my friends and even some whom don't know me that well a up close look at our life! And what a year it has been to start blogging! It has been a rough & sometime not so fabulous year...But I am thankful for kind hearted comments to perk me up at times! And am EXTREMELY grateful for the help along the way with Trew Luv! Thanks for checking in on us! Hope you stay tuned to see what another year has in store for us!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday's & Buckaroo's

Jess' Birthday party had me busy.... so did the bazillion Trew Luv orders that bombarded me at the end of July! July had my head spinning! I AM SO HAPPY WE HAVE NO BIRTHDAYS FOR A GOOD WHILE! I'm about to play a little catch up here! Jess' Birthday was last Thursday, we did nothing special that day for him, because Drew was entered to Mutton Bust in the Mikel J. Moreno Memorial PBR! { Mikel was a fantastic young man who passed away 4 years ago to cancer. His family owns Flying U Rodeo, and are great friends of my families} The PBR is a great event in his honor...if you are local you should catch the show next year at the fair!

So when Jess got home on his Birthday we headed to the Fair for the evening! Drew did pretty well!! He rode the furthest into the arena, further than any other child...which really wasn't that far at all! Mama was still proud!

Here the 30 year old is...He's pretty chipper...I hear 30 isn't that bad!

Monday, August 2, 2010

We Did It

We successfully pulled off Jess' 30th Surprise Party! He was SHOCKED!! NEVER in my life have I seen Jess at a loss for words! His jaw Dropped as he pulled in and saw all of the familiar faces! He was actually a bit embarrassed, and walked to the side of everyone and stood quietly! I had to encourage him to go play with his friends! It was Fabulous in every way! The weather, the turn out of friends, the food & drinks! I must say I did a good deed as a wife, he is amazed I was able to pull this off! I couldn't have done it without Will and Laurie, they were a huge help! I did not get very many photo's and go figure I have NOTHING to show for the amazing entrance and Surprise!

Besides the fact of no good photo's....everything was Perfect!
And for the record...I CAN KEEP A SURPIRSE!!

Warming up to the fact that this party was for him!! Jess and some buddies as he began to mingle!

Jess and one of his best friends Jarrod! Jess is the Best man in his upcoming wedding in October!

Our Family!

A few of the Girls while the men are busy playing horseshoes!

Like I said before, we are all about the birthdays lately! Yesterday was the last of the Party's for a while now! Logan's 4th Birthday party was a great time at Bounce U! I'd love to say we have a free calender...but I can't! Next weekend is my 10 year High School Reunion! Now, if I didn't have all of these bags of chips and cupcakes leftover from the party I'd be great! Instead I'll probably eat way too many cupcakes this week & not fit into my dress!! FABULOUS!!

Back to Jess.... I hope you had the best birthday yet!Cheers to your next 30 years!!

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