Friday, April 29, 2011


Business is Blooming.. I mean Booming here!  It's been Blossoming into so many fantastic avenues lately, aside the original flower bands! With so many upcoming  projects I'm working on, I thought I'd start here and share a bit of whats new! This was such a Fun shoot, with my Gorgeous friend Katie, and adorable little sister Jennifer! I'm so pleased with how they turned out and have my amazingly talented friend Samantha, of Samantha Prather Photography to thank! Here is a peek...  it's just a little peek of some of the Summer Luvin' pieces...

 Hope you LUV them & I hope to dress you all up in my Luv!  XO

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fishin' Tradition

Every Easter (well almost every family gathering @ the Ranch) the boys big & small, head down to the pond, and see what they can catch! This time the boys scored big! Maybe the fish weren't so BIG.. But they caught a LOT!! And that sure made them feel like Pro's!

                                      These two remind me of Huckle Berry Fin these days!! Dirty, and                          into  EVERYTHING BOY!
 I LOVE this Photo... they had quite the strut going on!! Feeling VERY BIG after their successful finsin'!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Wonderful Easter Weekend

Well The Easter Bunny paid us a Visit! At Both Our house as Well As Mimi & Papa's!  We Spend Easter with the In-Laws in the Wild West!

The Bunny Came!
We Ate Fabulous Food!
Fished until we got sick of catching!
And Rode Sweet Pea the Pony!
And speaking of Pee... Trent for the first time announced his having to pee pee all my himself, and did his mama proud!! Is it still called potty Training if it's not done in the potty???

                               Here is a PEEP ;) at our Easter Out West!

                    We Did the home deal, Headed to church then to the Easter/Sallies Birthday Celebration!
Mimi's Pig Pickin' Cake is to die for!! I'll share the recipe later!!

A Few Family Shots of the Sister-in-laws with their families! Shannon & Jennifer Joined in the Johnson Easter... SINCE OUR MOTHER IS IN PARIS!! Must be nice!!
Rides with Sweet Pea The Poney

Somebody had to pee pee... YAY TRENT
Hope Everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guess whos Back...

Jess is Back!!
And we couldn't be more excited! The boys can't get enough of him... and cling on to him like no other! He can't DO ANYTHING alone! Anything.... including trying to sleep!  BUT I don't blame them! I'm not a fan of a family bed.. But Trent has woke up a couple of ties crying for Daddy (something he NEVER does).  So I quickly go get him, and bring him on in with us... Because I know first hand how much he has missed him!! And Drew wonders in first thing in the morning. The feeling of having all my boys surround me is the best!! Even though I am uncomfortably surrounded with a foot in my chin, so I have no other choice than to get out of bed! 
I forgot what having a husband felt like!  I forgot what a tremendous help he is to us! I am so thankful for his hard work... BUT I'm even more thankful that dreadful job in Nevada is DONE!!

That was miserable!

    Today was MAGGIE'S BIRTHDAY!!

                                                We celebrated last night, and it was a lovely time!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Because

                                                      Because I LOVE him... I visit him!
             Because I Love his Spot... I spend as much time as possible here!
          Because I Miss Him and I want him to know, I tell him while I'm there!

I've become quite familiar with this place over the last year and 5 months.
I know some people don't want to be buried, but I do!
I think you're not supposed to step on the grave,  but I sit on it... hope that's not bad
I know Some People get scared and uncomfortable about talking about death.... I used to be.
I'd always change the subject, not mention it, not wanting to not upset the loved ones of the deceased!! That's all just silly! I LOVE him... LOVE talking about him... Love everything about him!
People are just now starting to bring him up in conversation to me... And I LOVE that!
His Plot is so beautiful to me.
It's Under a nice Tree, and it's near a big empty pasture.

I get overwhelming feeling of comfort there.
When I'm there....
I'm Proud to be his sister
I'm Honored to be recognized as looking like him as I look at that handsome etched in stone
I'm Blessed to have had him in my life
I'm Grateful for 28 years with him
I'm Lucky to have so many fabulous memories
I'm Hurt because we only got 30 years of him
I feel silly Because I talk to him out loud
I'm Afraid because I don't ever want to feel this again
I'm Happy because I feel so much Peace here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This Post comes with a WARNING label! Beware before you go too far... it gets a little NUTS... literally!

If you are proceeding... hello, how do ya do!!

Always up to something they are just ALL Boy let me tell you! But believe it or not as country and Crazy as they may seem....  This little one surprises me with the sweetest stuff!

 ... That's Drew falling off a calf & then there he is picking and placing flowers in his mama's hair!
 Ohhh How I love him!

Spring is about to get Nuts!
I've been looking pretty Country on the blog lately... But Pardon me as I go to town here on showing off my boys! You've seen a lot to do with cattle lately... But that's about to change! Spring has Sprung, and the showers, weddings and party's, have now begun! So that's wehre you'll find me!

And lastly.... here are a couple of the days NUTS we cut! Gone a little too far there???

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