Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

What A Wonderfully Blessed Holiday Season we have had!
We Couldn't have asked for a more perfect Christmas!
The Boys saw Santa quite a few times... each time coming up with something new to add to their Christmas List! Luckily they were pretty good, and Santa brought them all that they wished for!

 Santa in Monterey while visiting my mom
 Drew's First Christmas Performance at School! Those Kindergartners are pretty much the most adorable little people I've ever seen!  I've looked forward this day since I had him! It was fantastic!

 Hopefully Next year Trent won't be so afraid of Sweet Santa!
 Drew and Linsay building Gingerbread Barns

I Hope You and Your Family had a Very Merry Christmas!!
Wishing you all a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Johnson Holiday Photos

We got our photos in from our recent family shoot! We do them every year for the Christmas Cards... this year I was completely in love them!! They were done by Moments to Remember here in Yuba City!

We got caught doing a little Bending and Stretching before hopping on the Husbands Back!

These are the cute little cards that are now out in the mail!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

If I had a Girl!

She'd be wearing these everyday through the Christmas Season! But I don't (and truly I'm ok with it... I adore being a boy's mama!)

Since I don't... I'll keep creating for others, and adoring the photos that are shared with me! I can't imagine how ridiculously addicting shopping for little girls must be! These are in the shop... Go Get Some!!

Trew Luv Blog is in the works... but for now check out this CUTIE!!!

*these photos were provided by Samanntha Prather Photography, isn't her daughter GORGEOUS!

Going out with a Bang!

I was dreading it for quite some time.. 
turning 30 that is!

It still doesn't sit very well with me! BUT on a positive note.... it was an excuse for one PRETTY FANTASTIC PARTY...  Really,Turning 30 isn't bad that bad when you say goodbye to your twenties surrounded by all of my closest friends in TAHOE! I do still get a little bit of anxiety when thinking it or saying it out loud these last couple of weeks! But I'm looking forward to the best years ahead of me (so they say)! But let's be honist here. I just might be that weird woman that forever claims to be 29, I'll try not to... but I can see it happening!

Cheers to My next Thirty Years! But for now I'll share with you my 30th Birthday Party, shared with my   closest friends in Tahoe!

Our Travels to Tahoe were just about as fun as the party it's self!

My Honey & I
And then there was the home celebration, which was just as fabulous if not better!
Myself with my 2 most amazing accomplishments from my 30 years here!

Life is Good!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

we made it a happy day

 We Spent the weekend of November 6th in Monterey with my mother.
  It was the 2 year mark of loosing Jake.

The days leading up to his date were pretty tough with a change in the weather (as it cooled down quite a bit) reminding me so much of that time two years ago! I wonder if the transition into fall will always remind me of that time?? Anyways.... Our weekend turned out fantastic! It turned my frown upside down! The Ocean, and being with my family was fantastic!

                       We went to the Aquarium and played on the beach, and the sun came out bright and shiny on what I thought was going to be a gloomy day! We  Miss him Terribly, and are always so happy, and moved by the love and support that is given during this time! I want everyone to always remember him!! And the amount of outreach we got... goes to show me that he's definitely not been forgotten!  Here's some favorites of my Sweet Brother Jake! 
                                                  Jake And Jess... I LOVE THIS ONE!!

Missing him More than EVER!!

I've said it before... 
And I'll say it again...

Life is precious, we NEVER know what tomorrow holds for us! Tell your loved ones you love them! I thank God I did that Wednesday evening... because little did I know that would be the last time we ever spoke!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pirates Pumpkins & Parades

                                                  What a Fun Halloween we have had!
We Headed to the West Side and went to the Arbuckle Parade! Drew Was Captain Jack Sparrow! I really wanted to Name Drew  Jack my whole Pregnancy with him... Guess this is as close to that I'll get! He was an Awesome Jack Sparrow, SO AWESOME he won a Trophy, along with his Cousin Wes for the Best Costumes!

 The Trophy winners with out their wigs and Masks


...with a little help from Daddy

Halloween Night With The Pirates!!
 Trent was a Little Spooked by all of the Scariness!!

              Nephews Brayden & Logan And Trent and Drew! What a good looking Pirate Crew!!
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