Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Girls Got a Green thumb

One of my most enjoyed past times and greatest accomplishments this year has been my sweet little garden!   It's my first ever, and has been so much fun! In the past I haven't been able to keep so much as a cactus alive, and have never enjoyed gardening!  It must be the soil here... because I surprising enough have myself a pretty awesome garden!  The Boys and I enjoy collecting out veggies so much, and already have bigger and better plans for next year! It's SO MUCH FUN and SO REWARDING!  

On the last day of Kindergarten in May, Drew brought home a sunflower that he had planted in class! It was about 6 inches tall!! It Grew and Grew to become about 7 feet tall! We just harvested it a couple of days ago! It was pretty impressive!

 Now we are waiting for our pumpkins to get Big and Fat so we can show the off on the front porch!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Catch up

A little catching up on my end here!   I've been lazy, busy, tired, having fun, traveling, driving, relaxing, swimming, sewing, painting, chatting, cooking, playing, working, partying... we've done a little of it all!! One thing I haven't done this summer is BLOGGED about any of it! Boo for abandoning Jacklyn and the Johnson Boys!

If you know me.. you'll know that one thing I don't neglect is instagram! EVER!! I'm obsessed... so since I document EVERY aspect of our lives there.. I'll play catch up through instagram here!

                   Trent Turned 3! We had a Mickey Mouse Party..

              My little cowboy gave mutton Bustin' (sheep riding) at 

The Auburn Stampeed

Drew Turned 6! His Party was a BLAST!

 We kept Cool!

 Drew Played some Ball

Mr. Johnson & I went to some weddings

And we just hung out!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Love Labor Day

A Cup of coffee on the deck, with a view like this is just about as good as it gets! Mix in family, close friends, great food, and good times It's certain it doesn't get any better!! 
 We Seriously LOVE Labor Day Weekend! It's the one family vacation we All get to relax, enjoy each others company, without the hustle and bustle of being BUSY, and not a worry in the world! There is nowhere we'd rather be!  Besides the smoke due to the crazy amount of Northern California Fires.. the weather was perfect at the Cabin on Lake Almanor !

The Boys did a little fishing

The Girls Did a little of this.. NOTHING


 Hahahha... Hows that for hilarious!! Well it's all fun and games until I Realized that was my palm leaf hat she was wearing that can't get wet :/  I am on team Jen if getting the husband back who ever so sneakily came along side her in the jet ski and totally dumped her over!! :)
On the pontoon!! If you listen to country music at all you might have that song stuck in your head now!

Makin' wishes
Grandma and the littles
So Long Summer... YOU WERE VERY GOOD TO US! Until Next year....
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