Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Sides Are Aching...

because I have never laughed so hard!
This weekend some girlfriends & I had a little getaway to Reno, where we had BIG PLANS to go see the comedian Chelsea Handler! Her show was Hilarius, and to top it off her opening act was Guy Branum a Yuba City native. He gave our small little town a couple of shout outs (which we thought was AWESOME). I am so thankful that our amazing husbands were kind enough to be on Daddy Duty for the night and give us mama's a special treat! I did feel horrible for leaving Jess behind because he loves Chelsea just as much as I do. We stayed at my girlfriend Nicole's BEAUTIFUL home, and were spoiled by her amazing hosting abilities! I Love her home & the community she lives in...it so feels like retreat! She is the best entertainer, and helping her in the kitchen I always learn something new! Great Food, wonderful ladies, and CHELSEA HANDLER, made for a FABULOUS WEEKEND!

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