Thursday, April 12, 2012


My Goodness it's been a while!!  A Little case of Missing In Action going on over here!

Time Flys when you're having fun Right?  We're currently half way through Drew's Sprig Break, and It's dumped rain almost the entire week!! Boo to that!!

We've recently added a little girl to the Johnson Bunch! She's a precious little Black Lab...  named June Bug, but the boys call her Junie!

 She's a doll, and I told Jess  " Here's that girl you've been wanting "  Hehehe!

Here are some Instagram Shots (my favorite Social Media Tool EVER) You can follow at Jacklynj
Junie and the Boys out at the In-laws place!  Which is so beautiful and Green this time of year!

The Moment we Fell in LOVE!!

This was her first and last very short lived moments in the house!! She doesn't dare attempt to run in anymore! I'm a mean mean mama!!

We Are Loving our Junie, and are looking past her insane chewing problem ;)  Anyone have any helpful tips on that? I Sure Hope SO!!

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