Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Trip to Texas

Our last hoo-raa before the summer's end was a Trip to my Grandparents in Texas! Their Ranch is one of my favorite places on earth! We make this our vacation Every year, and it's always so wonderful!
Now I may be completely bias... But Texas is were it's at!   The way of life there, is something everyone should experience!  I LOVE that my boys get to experience the Ranch Life with my Grandparents, where they are learning traits that will be instilled in them for life!  From watching True Cowboys, who day in day out work cattle on land that go as far as the eye can see.  And the everyday things,  like simply opening a door for a woman, removing you hat at the table, saying please and thank you, yes ma'am, lifting your hand to every car that passes on the country roads. It's something everyone does there... and something WE RARELY SEE HERE IN CALIFORNIA!

 Like all things... The Frogs ARE BIGGER in TEXAS!! Every evening we watched the boys hunt frogs! One night we (THEY) caught 23!

   Look who we found!!  Lindsay happened to be in town for the Spicer Grip Roping! Shes no stranger to Hereford though..  when we were young she came to Grandma and Grandads with me for the summer!

Swimming in the water tanks was one of the must do things while there! They weren't too sure at first, so mama had to get in first and assure them it wasn't yucky!  Ohh I don't know about these California boys... I never thought twice about stepping in the moss that grows on the bottom!

I love that the boys get to experience the same things I did every summer as Child, those memories that were made are still to this day the fondest most dear to my heart. I'm sure these boys will feel the same way!

I guarantee you this dirt devil that tore through us is something they won't soon forget! Those things HURT!! YIKES... and that was a tiny one too!!  Ohh Glorious West Texas Wind!!

Of course they had to ride Granddad's Horses! No Texas Trip would be complete without cowboyin'!

 We Can't Go Texas without coming home with new boots for the family!
Joe's Boot Shop is the place to do that! Joe is Grandad's Brother! I suggest if you need boots... Get em, there!

This little four wheeler has had some love through the years!  The photo on the left is my Brother Jake and I ohhh about 28 years ago... And here you see Drew Scooting around on it now!  
Well That's all folks! Hope Y'all enjoyed my over board photo post! This was our last photo before we hit the road.. always so tough saying our goodbyes! Breaks my heart I'm not closer to my family! 
We Love them so much! 


  1. Looks like y'all had a great trip! Wish it could have worked out for us to meet up for a visit... One of these times it'll work out. ;)

  2. Playing in the mud is one of the classics that my brothers and I do together whenever we go to our ranch. We all enjoy hiking, so it is a good thing that the ranch has a 20-mile trail. Well, as for grandpa and grandma, we let them enjoy the bathhouse and the serenity at the ranch’s traditional hill country style clubhouse, with deep covered porches and breezeways.

    Rodger Ciliberto


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