Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just had to

In todays news there was a story regarding health care. It was a story of a Colorado family who was denied health insurance for their 4 month old son. The baby boy was 17 lbs....the insurance company considered that OBESE. With Obesity being a pre-existing condition the baby was denied health insurance! WELL THANK GOODNESS we aren't trying to enroll in new health insurance, because at the Dr. yesterday Trent weighed 18 lbs!! SUPER OBESE I guess :) I had to show off his chunky booty here. I love every single ounce of him! I have never seen such beautiful rolls!
By the way we had to take the baby to the Dr. because he was looking pretty pitiful:( Night before last was a long one.. he was just plain uncomfortable. I knew his throat had to be hurting because every time he tried to drink he let out a horrible cry! I heard that was one of the first signs of H1N1. Sure enough we caught it at the early stage of the flu...we did have to go to the hospital to have the H1N1 test (which was AWFUL to do on a infant). We get the results back in a couple of days!

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