Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feeling A little Crafty

Today I decided to get a bit creative! I have been looking for a new headboard since January when we moved in! All being around $1,000 & FAR OUT of my budget, I decided to do it on my own! A few days ago I found a huge mirror in a frame at an antique shop for $129.00. It has been on my mind ever since seeing it! I tried to call the shop the other day and ask the man if he'd take 50 for it....a huge mark down...but I figured what did I have to loose! He never answered the phone:(

Because of this nasty wet weather with yesterdays storm, Jess has been able to stay home! I decided to head to that shop and do some haggling. Drew & I walked in & I asked how much he wanted that mirror for. He asked how much I'd give for it & I SAID FIRMLY $20 (hoping we could do $50, when it was all said and done) SURPRISINGLY HE SAID IT'S YOURS DARLIN!! AWESOME!!!! I made a few more stops for all the goods...AND HERE SHE IS!!

Isn't She a Beauty?!?

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