Thursday, December 15, 2011

Going out with a Bang!

I was dreading it for quite some time.. 
turning 30 that is!

It still doesn't sit very well with me! BUT on a positive note.... it was an excuse for one PRETTY FANTASTIC PARTY...  Really,Turning 30 isn't bad that bad when you say goodbye to your twenties surrounded by all of my closest friends in TAHOE! I do still get a little bit of anxiety when thinking it or saying it out loud these last couple of weeks! But I'm looking forward to the best years ahead of me (so they say)! But let's be honist here. I just might be that weird woman that forever claims to be 29, I'll try not to... but I can see it happening!

Cheers to My next Thirty Years! But for now I'll share with you my 30th Birthday Party, shared with my   closest friends in Tahoe!

Our Travels to Tahoe were just about as fun as the party it's self!

My Honey & I
And then there was the home celebration, which was just as fabulous if not better!
Myself with my 2 most amazing accomplishments from my 30 years here!

Life is Good!!

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