Monday, February 7, 2011

Just In...

 for the weekend, and now he's gone again!

Jess' work has had him away, and we hate it! This last stent was for two miserable weeks... It was the longest we have EVER been away from one another since we started dating! It's been extremely rough on the little guys! But we got him for a couple of days this weekend, and we filled it with fun! He was exhausted, but there is no time for rest on on the weekends around this household.... WE'RE ALWAYS ON THE GO! Plus I had a honey Do list a mile long, full of two weeks worth of Manly Must Do around this place! Poor Jess!

So fun we had with him while he was home!
Fun on the Farm...
Our Little nephew Wes Turned Two, and his John Deere Tractor Party was extremely fitting for the lil farmer!

We packed in as much family fun as possible, EVEN though it was Super Bowl Sunday Jess devoted his day to us! We watched the game at home, and had no company or didn't attend a party... Jess' lamest Super Bowl Sunday of his life, I'm Sure! The weather was Dreamy here in California, and it was just what he needed! It's been -12 (that's tight... 12 BELOW) in Nevada where he is working! POOR POOR Jess!

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