Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Festivities of Turning 5 & the 4th

Our little Drew Turned 5 years old today!!

 I don't want to sound like a broken record, by saying where does the time go... BUT I really have never had a stent of 5 years fly by sop quickly in all of my life! It seems like my tiny little preemie Drewpy was just being laid upon my chest for the first time! And now I can't carry his LONG LANKY body to bed without hurting something! The sight of his precious little face 5 years ago, after a long premature Labor, was the most beautiful sight I had ever laid eyes on! I remember just gazing into his eyes wondering what he would look like at 5, and then 10, then imagining him getting his first truck, wondering where he would go to college, who he would marry... Those things seemed SO far off at the time! Now I know how adorably handsome he is at 5, those other wonders are just around the corner, and it breaks my heart! I want to be able to cuddle him in my arms for ever!!  LUCKY FOR ME... I'm ONE VERY LONG LANKY mama, so I can hold him and carry him without his legs dragging the ground just yet.... 

                                      What a FUN Weekend we had! The Usual Lincoln Parade

 Followed by a Pool Party

                              Ending WITH A BANG!! An Awesome Firework show in Lincoln!

 Being Born on the 5th of July makes for a pretty fun celebration! We celebrated On Sunday, then A Little More on the 4th, and then again Today! He had the "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER" so he said!

A little look back from just 5 years ago! After a HOT Long 4th of July... we came home, my water broke at 35 weeks pregnant, and then we welcomed our Precious Drew into the world!

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