Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch.. and LOTS of it

As usual we went to Bishops Pumpkin Farm as many times as we could possibly could! It's seriously the best, and gets better and better every year!  I can't believe It's already over & and Halloween is tomorrow... but I think that I've had my fill of popcorn balls to hold me over  for another year! 

We Had Lots and Lots of Family Fun there this year!  Petting the Goats, feeding the animals... helping cousin Reed to walk in the soft hay!  Aalways leaving  big happy tummy's, filthy dirty clothes, and of course a few parking lot hissy fits because they weren't ready to leave! We even managed to fit in a family Mini Shoot with local photographer Samantha Prather!

                                                           HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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