Thursday, October 27, 2011

FALLing Behind

Moving has completely and utterly had be beat! That and Company a week after moving in, Drew having Surgery the following week, and Life being just so darn Busy... I haven't had a second to spare! So, A Run Down of Our Fall is what you're gonna get here! Speaking of FALL... Ohhh how I LOVE it!

I mentioned Company...

 My Best Friend Julie, came to Visit with her little ones, Aden & Abby! What a Amazing time we had! A Couple of Trips to the Pumpkin Patch...  Late night Chats Every Night.. and Helping us get settled summs up what we did!  You know someones you True friend when she comes to Visit when you have lived in a home for 7 days... and helps out in every way possible her entire stay!

As Soon As She Left, my mother came.. to be with us after the Surgery!  So house projects were put aside for a while... But Now we are in Fix/Decorate Re/Do mode!! I clearly stated in my last post HOW Not So happy I was about the smaller home... AND I'D Like to take that back! We (including myself) are LOVING it here! My boys spend Every second of the Day OUT SIDE! They are in heaven here! And the smaller home doesn't seem too bad after all! It actually feels more Homey than anywhere we have ever lived! I LOVE IT!  But I do have a LOT of work still to do!

Just one of our (MY) projects :) Yikes!! I'm a Jack of all Traits I'm learning! Jess has been working non stop... and I am taking on chores, like a champ! I'll show my progress  Soon!  

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