Friday, September 14, 2012

Catch up

A little catching up on my end here!   I've been lazy, busy, tired, having fun, traveling, driving, relaxing, swimming, sewing, painting, chatting, cooking, playing, working, partying... we've done a little of it all!! One thing I haven't done this summer is BLOGGED about any of it! Boo for abandoning Jacklyn and the Johnson Boys!

If you know me.. you'll know that one thing I don't neglect is instagram! EVER!! I'm obsessed... so since I document EVERY aspect of our lives there.. I'll play catch up through instagram here!

                   Trent Turned 3! We had a Mickey Mouse Party..

              My little cowboy gave mutton Bustin' (sheep riding) at 

The Auburn Stampeed

Drew Turned 6! His Party was a BLAST!

 We kept Cool!

 Drew Played some Ball

Mr. Johnson & I went to some weddings

And we just hung out!

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