Monday, July 27, 2009


While in line to pay a Target (a place I go way to much) I picked up a 5.00 dollar movie named The Sandlot. Thinking my little guy MIGHT enjoy it.....Little did I know this would soon become his OBSESSION! Drew has completely turned into Benny (Benjamin Franklin Rodregiz) the boy in the movie. My days are filled with hearing quotes from this movie ,"You play ball like a girl"..."The GREAT BAMBINO", & watching Drew pretending to PICKLE THE BEAST, & wave at his new girlfriend (Windy Pefercorn, the lifeguard in the movie) like Squints does!!

Cowboy days are out the window (unless we are headed to Mimi & Papa's) and it on to BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL!

Thankfully he enjoys watching it so much....I keeps in busy in the house... & out of the heat (its hard to go out & play with him like I did before having the baby). It's been WAY to hot to take Trent out!

Our little BENNY (in his Black high top converses', rolled up jeans, & open button up shirt... JUST LIKE BENNY)

Here we are, all on the couch. Mom Turned OFF the Sandlot for her Daily fix of PAULA DEEN. SHe is MY FAVORITE....Ohhh how I LOVE PAULA :)

(Drew climbing up the back...but don't worry if he falls off of it again he has his helmet on!!!)

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