Thursday, July 30, 2009

Party Party Party

With a party here and a party a party there a party everywhere a party party!

Wow have we had a lot to celebrate this July...and boy have we had some FUN!
Starting it off with the 4th...which was EXTRA SPECIAL with Grandma & Grandad & Aunt Barbara here. We started the day off at the Lincoln parade, Drew & Jess were a hit as usual, but this year Drew's partner in Crime Logan was able to join in the fun...but we sure missed miss Kendal! The boys were just precious (including Jess) their TEXAS inspired rig...all in honor of the family being in town (thanks Bill, you are pretty awesome)!

Drew looks funny (he has a mouth FULL of gum)

JULY 5th DREW turned 3

Again having Grandma & Grandad, and Aunt Barbara was EXTRA SPECIAL!! We had a Blast at Drew's little party!

Logan & Drew with his Baseball cake (THANKS to Aunt Barbara )

Yes they are in their underwear, this was after they bailed into the new pool....ripping off their close with excitement (they couldn't wait for their shorts)!!

TRENT'S FIRST SMILE caught on CAMERA!! On his Great Grandads lap...what a reason to smile!! We Love you Grandad!

A HOT HOT day calls for a POOL PARTY!!

This Sunday Fun day was spent with one of my best friends and her family at their Pool! We had a blast thank you Horn's!!

Drew going in for a kiss while moms are not looking!! Sneaky little guy heheh!

Trent's first time in the Pool & HE LOVED IT!!!

LOGAN'S 3rd Birthday Party!

What a fun Party! Happy Birthday Lolo!!

JULY 29th Jess turned 29!!

We started this Glorious day off at the Yuba Sutter Fair. Yesterday Morning we met Mimi at the show ring, just like we do every year! What a FUN day...but sad we were out having a blast on Daddy's Birthday while he was hard at work!!

Watching Austin show was a Great way to spend our morning (YAY AUSTIN)...boy do I ever have a special place in my heart for him!! HE NAMED ONE OF HIS LAMBS AFTER.....ME...can you believe that! We had some YUMMY Fair Food...which I should STAY FAR FAR AWAY from if I ever want loose all of this weight I gained while pregnant!!!! We saw a bunch of people we hadn't seen in a while...and showed off our sweet Trent!

After the Fair, SHOPPING we went!! I now know if you want anything to be a surprise don't let a 3 year old know (not that it needed to be a surprise)!! We did Jess' Birthday Shopping, went home wrapped presents, got all cleaned up from the DIRTY FAIR...and waited for the BIRTHDAY BOY!! Jess walks in the Door...and before he even notices presents on the table Drew yells "DADDY COME OPEN YOUR NEW SHIRT, AND SHORTS, AND FLOP FLOPS I BOUGHT FOR YOU"! What a funny little guy!! He was so excited for his daddy's Birthday!! Drew told me what we were going to get Jess (I guess Jess had a chat with him) my goodness that what Jess got!!

Happy Birthday Jess! We LOVE YOU!!

Happy Birthday to Papa (Loren) & James too! James is in Oklahoma so we didn't get to Celebrate with him :(, and Papa didn't have a Shin dig...but we love you both & wish you very Happy Birthdays!!! Ohhh, AND TO TRENT WHO JUST CELEBRATED HIS 2 MONTH BIRTHDAY on the 27th!!!


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