Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the boy's are BETTER

We all know I think boys are better...but in this case better means WELL!
This little chunkster is starting to feel better!
Thank GOODNESS!! The boys got sick last week and Drew started feeling better after he started his antibiotic....But this little guys has been given fits with this bug! Did I mention Trent weighed 22 lbs. at the Dr?!? Thats right...a 22 pound 8 month old! He finally was his usual happy self today :)

I haven't had earache's since who know when ( yes I have 2). I can vaigly remember them as a child.....AND BOY DO THEY HURT!!
This is NO FUN!! long as the boys are well, I'm happy!

Check out these vampire teeth!! Aren't are great!!

1 comment:

  1. What a little chunk! lol! I love it! Sorry you aren't feeling 100%! I know how hard that is especially while trying to take care of everyone else! Hope you are better soon!


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