Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was all sorts of fun!

A perfect day I would have to say!

Shannon, myself & the boys went to church, followed by some Red Robyn with Bridget. We then headed to the Johnson Ranch where Jess and the rest of the Johnson bunch had been moving cattle all morning! We got there just as they finished.

We started a little Bonfire with branches the recent storm had blown down (all collected by the little guys). Ate WAY TOO MANY of Mimi's Famous Cookies Mmmmm. And Enjoyed some beautiful weather ( FOR A CHANGE)!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera....but this was our scenery...just so you get the Idea - Jess' parents place...pretty country huh?!?

Shannon & I headed back TO TOWN leaving the 3 year old's with Jess.

We raced the sun to make it to the cemetery before sunset. We visited Jake...then headed off to do some shopping! After our shopping adventure we got back to the house and together we created this little masterpiece! It's an ottoman...incase you were curious!

IT'S SHANNON'S OLD END TABLE...CUT, PUFFED AND WRAPPED IN BEAUTIFUL FABRIC :) Pretty comfy too! The wood will soon be painted black...making it even better looking! I'm waiting to be called to some DIY show soon with all of my recent craftiness!! Haa haa haa just teasing!!

Had a great day hanging with my sister-in-law.....I LOVE HER TO PIECES :)

I stayed up wayyy to late last night. Finished a bunch of headbands...Valentines orders are coming in :) Here is my Favorite pretty from last night.

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  1. Oooh! That one was my favorite hair pretty too! That's why I had to hit the "like" button on facebook for it! lol! I'm glad you had a great day with family! What a special bond between you and your sister in law! I hope to have that one day!!!! :)


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