Sunday, March 28, 2010

VERY important people

I guess it's not just me who realizes how special my little man is! Drew was appointed VIP of the day at Pre-school on Friday!! He was extremely proud of himself, and so was his mama! He seriously is just the BEST! I love this little guy so much!

Here he is as I picked him up! VIP sticker, smile ear to ear, and spiderman lunch pail in hand!

But he is not the only VIP around here! My other guys are equally important to me!

Our sweet little Trent turned 10 months yesterday!

Trent's new thing is waving! He's quite the attention getter really! Walking through the stores, standing in line, everywhere we go he gives folks a great wave! It's pretty adorable!

And that smile comes with a mouth full of teeth! He now has 4 up top and just the two on bottom! He's ohhh so close to walking! I bet he beats Drew and walks sooner that he did! Drew didn't walk until the day after he turned one!

We shall see!! I'm sure you'll hear about it!

Happy 10 months little darling! And YAY to Drew, mama's little VIP!

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  1. You have some pretty special VIP's!! I adore your little men!! Tell Trent to keep working on those high 5's! I think Peyton has a little crush on Drew!;)


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