Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jake's Roping

Six months ago today I lost my big Brother! He meant so much to me, as he did many others! In his memory & in hopes to help his boy's in the future, 2 of best friends along with their family's and countless others have been working hard to host The Jake Lomas Memorial "Rope for Jake's Boys". It's a Roping along with an auction both Live & silent, as well as music, BBQ and numerous activities for children. Basically it will be a FUN FAMILY EVENT. It is coming right along and will be here before we know it!

The Support is unbelievable & almost overwhelming! This is just another example of the generosity of the people who are doing what they can to make this event a huge success!

The owner of Dillion's Bar & Grill is hosting a Pre-Party to Kick-Off the Roping, since it is becoming such a HUGE Event! They are donating back all of the proceeds form the cover charge to they boy's Fund! So this is where I'll be, and I hope you will too! They serve yummy food, and the band is Awesome :) I'm really looking forward to the roping if you can't tell! My family will soon be here....and I'M SOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT AS WELL!!

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  1. Six months was such a hard day for me. I hope that you and your family are talking about Jake a lot, and crying if you need to and trying to remember all the wonderful times that you had with him. But it is ok to be sad for the things he is missing too. I can't believe what a wonderful turn out you are getting for this event, and Aaron and I will be there to support Jakes's boys and you andyour family. What a wonderful reflection of what a great man he must have been for all of his friends to do something like this. See you there, and if you need any help let me know. xo


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