Monday, May 10, 2010

These Boys

Melt My Heart!
We may not take a perfect picture....but Perfection is what they are to me! I had a wonderful Mothers day, and was showered with lovely gifts. But really no gifts were needed! Each snotty kiss, messy hug, I love you, & cry for me when they are hurt, mean more than any material thing on earth! Now there have been a couple "DIAPER SITUATIONS" than have me entitled for THE PERFECT BROWNIE PAN {as seen on TV} . And maybe a few wardrobe disasters due puke down my dress, that might call for some new pearls, and maybe having to learn how to get permanent marker off of the hardwood floor, & figuring out how to remove hot pink finger nail polish out of the carpet that may have me due for a good foot rub! All of these things I did receive, and am extremely tankful! BUT TRULY nothing could compare to the sweet little ways my boys let me know they love me! The little everyday things they do are what make me the happiest! Being their mother is the most amazing gift in the world!

We had our Mothers Day festivities at Sallie And Matt's house this year! Last year we had it at our home ( I was pregnant ). This year at Sallies ( SHE IS PREGNANT!) Wonder if she will add to the troop of boys or add a little girl to the family! We will have to wait and see! I CAN"T HANDLE SURPRISES...but I guess I'm going to have to :)

Congratulations Sallie & Matt!

The most precious handmade plate, Drew made for me at Pre-School! I will save this FOREVER! I LOVE IT!

I also Love my mother, who I wasn't able to be with this Mother's day! I am one of 5 children and am now the only child in my family here in California! It's been a pretty emotional subject for me lately, I'm missing my family so much! I'm pretty sure I'm OVER being a loner! I'm used to wild, busy, rushing from my family to the in-law's make your head spin kind of holiday's!

Thank goodness I do have the world most amazing mother-in-law who I love very much! Without her as a stand in...I think I might loose it!

I'M HOPING Today's Tornado in Oklahoma City touching down 1 mile from my mother & sister will scare them right out of that Dreadful place and right back to me! Wish me luck in my hopes!

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  1. yeah! happy mother's day! sounds like your boys did good! and i LOVE reading your posts! you always make me laugh! and i hate surprises too! beg them to tell you what that baby is right now! lol!


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