Wednesday, January 19, 2011


                                                                          MY MAN!!

{Now first off that was for cute flowing purposes... I NEVER refer to my husband as my MAN! I'm really not one for nicknames.. or slang words... Just to clear that up!}

My Hunky Husbands has been away all week working out of Town & you can just say this house is FULL OF CRY BABY'S.... ME INCLUDED!!!   We have NEVER had him away for this amount of time, since the children came along... and I AM O-V-E-R it! I miss him so much it hurts!

Call me Ridiculous, call me a baby, call me what you want...
BUT ALL I CARE ABOUT is getting a  CALL or two each day from my Jess!

He will come home for the weekend, so I'm dreaming up what yummy homey kind of goodness I will feed him! And  fabulous wifely duties I can spoil him with while he is here for the day and a half! Also on my to do list is to crate yet another WEEKS worth of scrumptious meals to send him away with.... meals that will have the other men he is with envy him!   ANY ONE HAVE ANY GOOD IDEAS FOR ME?

I've never had to come up with travelable (not sure that's a word) TO GO MENUS...  at least not a WEEKS worth! And he is used to GOOD EATIN'.....  He's a country boy... and is WELL FED! And I'm a frugle girl... SO instead of eating out... he is sent with Supper!!

                                                    Ohhh I miss him... and so do the boys!
                                        Bed time is a bummer, with cry sessions for Daddy!!
                            In case you don't know MY HARD WORKIN' HUNK! Here he is

Our most recent photo... on New Years!

Looking Pretty handsome in Pink.. Don't ya think?

 At work... BUT this is here in Sunny CA!
Right now he's freezing his handsome little Buns off in the dreadful NV Snow!
 Poor Guy!

I will admit that the VERY things he does daily that DRIVE ME CRAZY... I'm beginning to miss! I just hope he doesn't hear of this!!
I haven't had to clean the trimmings of his facial hair out of the sink... nor remind him to not lay a wet towel on the bed... ALWAYS on my side mind you! Pick up the soap off the floor of the shower (DISGUSTING)!! Or ask him to CHEW on what ever piece of plastic he's munching on at the time A LITTLE QUIETER!!

Those are a few of Jess' little habits, that I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE BACK!!!

Sorry to bore you with my misery...
But this Mrs. is sure missing her Mr.


  1. HOw cute are you? I hate being without my man, and yes I do refer to him as my man. :) I have no recipes...sorry, but I love this post!

  2. Im glad im not the only one that is a sad weepy willow when "My Man" is away lol! It was MISERABLE when he recently went to south Dakota! & OK I need to read this to Justin because he thinks im CRAZY when I get annoyed with him munching on weird things!!! It grosses me out!!! but gotta love them and I too def started missing EVERYTHING he did and when he came home it was like meeting him all over again i even had butterfly's in the belly :) We love our Mr. Hunky hard workin hubbys :)
    I know the weekend is over but ive got some good things you could cook that he will prob love! Justin does :) call me xoxo


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