Sunday, January 9, 2011


My little Ham Drew was asked to be on the cover of the February issue of a local Magazine! He was pretty excited about being a little model, and felt pretty special when we arrived to the shoot, and was welcomed by a photography staff with huge lights and props, wardrobe changes, and a few treats to be rewarded if he did good! He did a Great Job... well his mama sure things he did!! I have not yet seen the issue but the Photographer {Moments to Remember} was kind enough to share a couple of the Raw Images with me!! Can't wait to see the real deal!

Here is Drew and his fellow adorable model Hallie Prather... Isn't it funny they are modeling together... Drew's middle name is Prather (It's a family name on my side). They are a darling little pair :) And to top it off that's a Trew Luv flower in her hair... this will be the second time on a magazine Cover for Trew Luv!! PRETTY Exciting stuff I must say!

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  1. LOVE THIS :) & I must say our children are ADORABLE!!!!


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