Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lucky Me

Lucky You! I hope this dish brings us all luck the whole year through!

It is thought (mainly in the South) that the Black Eyed Peas will Bring a Luck filled & Prosperous Year to those who eat them on New Years Day! This is a Tradition my family has done my entire Life! All besides that one year in my late teens when I found myself too busy to make it home for Dinner, thinking Tahoe was much cooler place to be! I learned my lesson & As Long as I live I'll NEVER go a New Years Day without this Delicious dish again!

As I am Preparing for Our New Years Eve festivities, I decided to get some prepping done for Our New Years Day Dinner... And as I was scamming through my Beloved Cookbook collection, I've settled with this Favorite! It comes from the Kitchen of a woman in my Grandparents community! {This is their country road! Not too many houses around! Grandad calls it God's Country! }

Well I'm not sure what they call it out there... Let's say their neck of the woods... Or Since there are few trees let's say Tumbleweeds!!!

Believe me these Women in the Texas Panhandle know how to cook! My Grandma & her Friends put together a cookbook of all of their favorite recipes, and the BOOK IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

From the Kitchen of Lucy:
Spicy Black Eyed Peas

1lb. of Smocked Bacon OR Pork Sausage Sliced
1 lg. chopped onion
2 lg. Green Peppers diced
1 can of Ro-Tel Tomatoes
1 16 oz. package of Dried Black-eyed Peas washed

In Large Skillet Prepare Sausage, remove and Saute Onion in Drippings until tender. Add Tomatoes, chillies, Peas. Add water and cook over medium heat for 45 min. to 1 hour, until beans are tender, add additional water if needed! Add Sausage, or Bacon as Garnish on top.

The Bottom of the Page reads ~
Psalm 119:103 How Sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter then honey to my mouth!

How Sweet is this book?

Another Luck Bringing Belief of ours is:
NEVER take down your Christmas Tree Until the the First of January!

Happy New Years Everyone!!
I hope this 2011 Brings you all Much Luck & Many Many Blessings!

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  1. Man I wish I would have seen this before New Years day. It was 8 oclock and all the kids were bathed, 2 asleep when I realized that we forgot to eat our black eyed peas! So I just heated up the can I keep on hand (because one year the stores ran out!) and salted them up and we all had our helping for desert! This looks delicious and I will keep it in mind for a side dish throughout the year. Thanks!


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