Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jesse's Girl ~ 6 years and counting

 Six Years Ago

 A Couple of Beautiful Babies Along the way...

 And here we are today!
Happy Anniversary My Love!
June 4th 2005, was my first Best day of my life...
I have since added two more Best Days to my list, and countless wonderful memories!
 He is a blessing, and makes my world better than I ever could have imagined!
He is a wonderful man, father, and Husband...
I'm one lucky girl! It's an honor to be Jesse's Girl ;)

Here is our wedding song... It couldn't be more fitting!


  1. I remember this day like it was yesterday! You were such a lovely bride! XOXO

  2. I am so bad at keeping up on my fav blogs! ANYWAYS this POST is by far my fav of yours! You are a lucky girl and truly blessed! xoxo happy 6 years to you Jesse's girl :)


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