Friday, June 3, 2011

A New Adventure

This week Drew had his last day at New Adventures Preschool! It was extremely tough on me, not only because my little guy will soon be a Kindergartner, but to say goodbye to such a wonderful school staffed by the best teachers imaginable! He absolutely LOVED going to preschool, and loved his little classmates! BUT I was the one who did the crying! He told me "don't cry Mama... It's OK.. I'm just getting Big, you want that right!" He's such a Sweet little Muffin!

I just got his Last School Photos, which I think is adorable, BUT I think every photo of this adorable little guy is adorable! I love him so much, and can't believe how quickly he is growing! Seem like he was just a little baby in my arms! He is so excited to start school, wearing his backpack everyday, and practicing writing! Did I mention I think he is adorable! So here we go... onto his next Adventure in Life! One I am not ready for...

In his Last week of School he had Mohawk Day (his favorite)
followed by Cowboy Day! 

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