Friday, June 3, 2011


Every day around 4:30ish I head out with little tiny boxes, and go visit my gals at P.O. to ship stuff off! That's the type of shipping that probably comes to mind.... But the contents of what this post is shipping is a lot bigger and smellier!! We recently gathered sorted, and loaded the Trucks sending the mama's and their calves to new greener ground! It's something I really don't get in and help do, BUT the boys LOVE all the hooting and hollering, so I always get finangled to go and watch! If you aren't familiar with the cow business, a recent post from one of my favorite bloggers let's her husband take the key pad to explain the process, check Confessions of a Pioneer Woman Here .

 Trent was infatuated with this truck driver... This Truck Driver seems to be infatuated with Yellow, notice his yellow rig in the background haha!!

One Truck load after another eventually wore little Trent out.. With Pillow in tote he took a nap and Drew & I decided to take a dip!

He found a heart shaped rock! We took it home :)

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  1. love to see u without those undies bet your pee pee is sweeeeeet


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