Friday, August 19, 2011

Lame to FLAME trip

This evening as we traveled home from my old little hometown of Wheatland, we were all chatting it up when Jess and I  Noticed a orange glow in the distance. Knowing most of the families who lived in that rural community, we decided to turn off the highway, just about a mile and a half, and be looky Lous. Mostly to make sure it was being tended too, because it was in the middle of nothing. And thankfully we did! It was the start of a fire along the railroad tracks, aside a corn field.  We got to call 911, report it and wait, and wait and wait some more for the fire department! Jess was checking things out, as an old friend who is a now a sheriff  strolled along and played with the lights of his car for the sheer entertainment of the boys! 22 minutes later the engines showed up, an began to put out the flames!! Pretty exciting stuff for us on this Thursday evening! The Pouty boys who I convinced to come along with me to do a  delivery of a bridal party's head pieces turned lame trip to FLAME trip!  They also got to eat at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurant's, that was the only way I convinced them to come along in the first place! Just a small town Thursday night, with the Johnson's on patrol:)
I was SO Bummed I only had my lame Iphone to capture the excitement with! That Glow with the Cornfields in the background was awesome looking!  Note to self... always Carry a camera!

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