Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making Memories

It is such a blessing that my grandparents are still so young and so fun! It's so fantastic that these boys of mine are able to expericance the exact same experiances that I hold dear to my heart from my childhood! We're Looking forward to creating Many Many more memories for the boys, as they continue on with this tradition!!  I have a very special relationship with my grandparents, and would choose to vacation there over any palce in the world!!  I'm so jealous of friends who live close to their family's! Once I'm there  I never want to go, and that was the same case for the boys. They would have stayed forever if he had let them!

So here's a peek form our Texas trip! We headed to Southern California for a wedding and then Shannon and I, and our two babies headed to fetch our little guys and to have a little fun for ourselves!

 IT was STINKIN HOT, so hot I felt as I was going to just melt, but there is so much land (thousands of acres), and so many animals, AND CREATURES, all they wanted to do was play out side! So, I got a tour of the land, introduced to all of the animals, shown how to ride the same four wheeler, the one I grew up exploring on (that thing is 30 years old and still trucking!!)  We had a great trip, and I didn't want to come home, except to see Jess, who unfortunately had to stay behind.  Also because we drove there... and the thought of driving home with a CAR FULL OF 4 BOYS... I was scared!! But we made it just fine, Shannon and I are true Road Warriors! 

Shannon and Trent, covering some ground on that tiny little 4 wheeler! She was the designated ride giver since I think I out weigh her by about... WELL BY A LOT!!!!

  Catching Critters, and LOTS of them!

...that is one thing I did NOT ever do!!

Horny Toad Hunting with Grandma was a Success!!
We already can't wait to go back! Looks like we didn't do much by these photos... BUT boy did we have a great trip! We ATE such great food, SHOPPED out booties off, and Just had a blast visiting! Maybe next time we go there we can take some California Rain... As you can see it's devastatingly Dry there! Pray for Rain, Those cattle Ranchers and Farmers So desperately need it!

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  1. What a great post! I LOVE it! So special.
    I will blog soon!! I promise. I'm sooo bad!
    xoxo charity


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