Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the Start of Drew's School Career! I can't believe he is now in Kindergarten!! Where has the time gone?  He has wore a backpack all summer long, and pretended to do homework.. so to say the least, he was one EXCITED little Boy!! ME.. NOT SO MUCH!! I am a little heart broken, he's growing up so quickly!

                                     All Set for School!! Looking  "Kinda Cool" as he'd put it!

He has requested,  in his words..  "since I'm in real school now, can you please let me look cool? I am always having to look handsome, and don't want everyone telling me that anymore?!?!"  He's informed me that he doesn't want to wear collared shirts, which he thinks makes everyone think he's handsome! He wants to wear T-shirts like the big boys do and look COOL!  Ohhh what a horrible mother I am, for forcing him to be handsome all the time! Life must be so rough! So, From here on out... T-Shirts it is! Hope He feels COOL now! I assured him this would be the ONLY day I made him look handsome!

Waiting on Brother!
Here is a little chalk board, I whipped up last night, to document the Big Day! I am IN LOVE with Chalkboard Paint! I cut out a scrap piece of super thin board, slapped a coat of pain on it, and grabbed an empty frame, and There you have it!  I'm about to make a BIG one for the wall!

Hope everyone had a GREAT First day back to School!

Now, this whole get up and be somewhere EVERY SINGLE day is something I'm going to have to get used to!! I haven't done this for 5 years, since my working days came to an end, after becoming a mother!! Better get to bed!


  1. What a cool boy! He is handsomley cool...yay for Kinder! And I love chalkboard paint too...its kind of addicting!

  2. He's so cute Jacklyn! It's so hard sending your fist to school. Well it's hard the second time too. :) But it gets easier! Love your chalk board! I might need to do that!


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