Friday, September 2, 2011

A Couple

We have a couple of weeks of Kindergarten under our belt now! Wheew, this last couple of weeks have my head spinning! I'm pretty sure that's why I haven't had a second to sit and blog for a while.... We are finally getting into the swing of things with this whole new routine, but to top it off we've had out of  town weddings two weekends in a row! And now we have Vacations planned for two weeks in a Row! Yikes! We are packing in as much Summer Fun as we can while it lasts! Last weekend myslef and My Two Best Friends (one in from Utah)  went to Napa, that was FABULOUS! And this weekend we are changing it up from the usual Nicholas Labor Day Parade, and Heading to Lake Almanor with a couple of our Friends and their kiddos! It should be Wonderful!

                                                  The Happy Johnson Couple at both weddings

                              A Couple of the Cutest boys I know before heading off to School!

                                     And Lastly Couple of the Best Friends a Girl could Ask For!

Off to the Cabin We Go! Happy A Lovely Labor Day Weekend Everyone! XO

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