Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We just can't get enough!!

Well we had to visit the Fair again!! Imagine that, the Johnson's at a fair, ha ha! Saturday evening we met Laurie, Kendal & Bill back at the fair! There was still PLENTY more fun to be had.....for goodness sakes we hadn't even ridden a ride yet. And to our surprise Will joined in on the fun too! Our last visit was strictly all about the animals!! So back for more we went! WE HAD A BLAST, it had to have been the funnest fair trip since we were kids Jess & I decided! To see our son SO filled with excitement, with such a huge smile on his face just melts our hearts! He was so grateful thanking us for everything and SCREAMING I WON, after each ride. He has got to be the cutest little boy on the planet...RIGHT? WELL WE SURE THINK SO! Drew & Kendal rode almost EVERY Kiddie ride there & then Jess & I got to take the kids on the Ferris Wheel!

And lastly our view from the top!! Everyone said they knew which buggy we were in because of the constant flash coming out of it! Hummmm ME TAKING PICTURES.....NEVER!! I guess I'm crazy for the camera like the Johnson's are for the FAIRS!! Can't wait for the Gold Country Fair(Laurie's fair) we may just have to go buy a pig!! Yummy!

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