Friday, April 2, 2010

Funny Bunny

Yesterday the Easter bunny made a visit to Drew's Preschool for their Easter Party! Drew wasn't all that sure of it and was VERY hesitant of giving it a hug. That was until this sweet little guy came to him and kindly explained that the Easter bunny wasn't real, and in fact it was just a man inside a funny bunny costume! OHHH GREAT!!!!
Hopefully Drew won't pass on his new information to any of the kiddies at tomorrow's Egg hunt at the church! Children say the FUNNIEST things! I was informed by a 3year old darling little girl yesterday that I had already worn those shoes to school before, that I shouldn't do that! WELL THANK GOODNESS I now know that I should only wear a pair of shoes once! Nothing like being set straight fashion wise, by a 3 year old! I feel sorry for her mother..that's got to be a pricey demand, only wearing shoes once!
Speaking of children saying's Drew informed me that he sure wishes the Easter Bunny would bring him a new watch, a new dinosaur and a DADDY for his cousin Logan!
It broke my heart!


  1. OK..
    That is my kind of girl! Not poor mommy though poor daddy! Jasper gets so annoyed that i think the girls need a new outfit for every day of the year..(I am getting better however)

    Second, Oh sweet Drew...How dare someone pop your bubble about the Easter Bunny?:( Please DO NOT tell Peyton at church tomorrow, she may have a panic attack lol!

    Third, So amazing how the sweet gentle words a child says can both bring you to tears and fill you with so much pride at the same time! Soon he will understand thet no matter what his sweet little cousins will ALWAYS have a daddy and he will be watching over all of you with so much joy and pride each and every day!
    Love your posts Miss Jacklyn!

  2. Out of the mouths of little ones....the sweetest things I've heard! :) Colby prayed at lunch today that God would bring my sister's family back together. I love how sweet our little boys are and I love their faith.


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