Monday, July 19, 2010

Dirty Thirty

White Trash Dirty Thirty that is!

It seems that everyone around us is turning thirty! In honor of all of our friends who are 30 this summer, a DIRTY White Trash 30th Hoe Down was thrown! I am going to warn you that this post is EXTREMELY Trashy . But hey... this is what we're up to :) The entire way there I said over & OVER...I Can't believe we are really going somewhere dressed like this! What if we were to get into an accident, what are people going to think?


Pig's in a blanket, KFC, Chilly & Cream Cheese Dip, Cheese Balls, were a few of the item on our fine dining menu!

I've never seen so many bra straps, tattoo's, cut off denim, and hoop earrings! Christmas lights in July was a must...colored Christmas light at that! And the ambiance of the Trailer was the perfect touch! And who in a million years would have thought to wear MEN'S UNDERWEAR as a shirt....2 people there!

My family & I all cleaned up! Yes those are Jess' underwear that
Jennifer is wearing!

Me & My Old Man

Rock & Roll

One of the Honorary B-Day Boys! SPANKY

I hope you aren't too applaud by these photos, and PLEASE don't judge because


Until next time KEEP IT CLASSY!!


  1. I have to say, I love this post!!! I love everything about it and I even got offended a couple of times, becuase I for one love colored christmas lights and cheese puffs!! haha, this looks like a real party!!! I love it, love it, love it!! I just hope that those undies were new. :)

  2. Okay. Even if it was white trash themed, how did you still manage to come off looking like barbie?! And I'm with Melissa on the Christmas lights...I love the colored ones! They make me think of Charlie Brown!


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