Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Hate Surprises

As much as I hate to admit this, and as how horrible as it may make me sound there is nothing that I find good about surprises! It literally makes my skin crawl to be in the unknown! This is a total personality flaw...most women Love surprises!! I can barley stand a wrapped present in the house!! As a child I would unwrap & re wrap it in time before my parents came home! I will admit that I have impeccable wrapping abilities that I could always mimic my mothers professional job to a T! They never knew...until I became an adult and ratted myself out! Now days I hate it just the same! If someone says they have a surprise for me, I will go above and beyond to find out!
But this post isn't about me!
Its about my husband Jess!
His 30th Birthday is rapidly approaching (it's this Thursday, the 29th) and for him I have in store a FABULOUS SURPRISE 30th Birthday BASH!! The invites have gone out and the details are all being finished this week! It's this Saturday night in Auburn! He has been tricked to help out a Friend with a catering company, thinking they need an extra hand for the bbq!! Since I have kept in in for nearly a month...IT'S MY TIME TO BURST! The hardest of it all is laying next to him in bed biting my toung at night wanting nothing more than to discus all of the rsvp's that have come in, fun venue details, menu, ext. I can't help but share with readers!! He will never read this, because he doesn't know how to log in to anything :) I'm in the clear here!!
So, get ready for the BIG DAY'S Details in a post next week! I can't wait! I just hope that none of the 100+ invited friends spill the beans! At least I know I have for once been completely successful in this whole sruprise business! Boy it's been rough!! But, I have done it!! SO FAR!!! My mother in law says she is proud of me :)
For the party:
*Venue is set*
{we recently attended a wedding there and he raved about how much he loved there}
his family & I just chuckled
* The menu set*
{the caterer he is ariving with will be cooking ofr the party}
he won't have to help though
*The DJ is hired*
I had to finalize a list of must have songs today
*The People are coming*
What now?? Just wait?!?!
But I LOVE him so much & I hope he LOVES his surprise!
So many fabulous frineds are coming! HE'S GOING TO BE SO SURPRISED!


  1. I too was a re-wrapper, and I too hate/love surprises. I almost made Aaron tell me when he was going to propose because of how I feel. I hate being out of the loop!!! I am proud of you. Happy Birthday Jess, I hope you guys have a blast!! White trash style?? NO. I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. You're probably surprised that I even read this, but I just found myself looking forward to reading about the party! I don't even know your husband! But it sounds like such an awesome time, and I can't wait to see how the surprize went.

  3. yeah! Can't wait for the party post. I'm already thinking about billy's 30th!


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