Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Down Many To Go

Drew's Party was last weekend and it great fun! It's affirmative that my home has now officially turned in to a BOYS PARADISE! We have EVERY BOY TOY known to man! He insisted on a Knight Party...but Cake & swords is about as far as I took that theme! Since it went back & forth between Knights, Ninjas, Superman, Pony's and Baseball.

Then of course his awesome Preschool celebrated his Birthday! He felt Pretty special!

So Drew's Long Drawn out Birthday is said and done, we only have a million left for the month! INCLUDING MY OLD MAN OF A HUSBAND, who TURNS 30!!
Dum, Da Dum, Dum Dum!!!!
I am pretty busy planning something out of this world for that occasion!
BUT Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh about that!


  1. Why are you dum, da dum, dum dumming 30?? Rude. :)

  2. Can you explain the sweet pea (pee?) bucket?! ha! Happy Birthday Drew. I love his multiple birthday themes!

  3. Sweet Pea is Drew's New Pony!!! That buchet was full of Pony supplies, brushes, horse shampoo, hoof picker, all of Drew's pony Goodies! Probably his favorite gift!


  4. I love it! That is awesome! I was a bit confused but now it makes sense! Drew is one lucky boy!


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